Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Romney-Ryan Cornfield Art

This is really impressive.

From Bob Wheaton, Michigan Live:

Crop art of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in one of Hank Choate's cornfields is delivering a political message that's visible only from the skies above.

Choate is chairman of the Jackson County Republican Party and co-chairman of the county's Romney-Ryan campaign. So he jumped at the chance to have a portrait of the Republican presidential ticket carved out of one of his fields when a crop artist contacted him.

The result is an intricate portrait of Romney and Ryan on 10 acres of land near South Jackson and Liberty roads. It's created a buzz on social media.

The crop artist, Shawn Stolworthy of Idaho, used a John Deere tractor, a rototiller and a global positioning system to sculpt a portrait that he had designed on his laptop computer, Choate said.

It took Stolworthy about five hours Friday night to create the crop art.

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