Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Austin Halbrooks

Austin Halbrooks is making news.

From FOX6 News:

A 17-year-old University School of Milwaukee student faces nearly 15 years in prison. He’s accused of secretly taking pictures up girls’ skirts at his school.

Austin Halbrooks has been charged with one count disorderly conduct and four counts of invasion of privacy. What he’s accused of is often referred to as “upskirting” and as of late last year, is a felony.

...According to court documents, all the pictures were taken inside the University School of Milwaukee in River Hills, where he was a student.

...According to a criminal complaint, another student told a security guard Halbrooks, “had been taking pictures of female students in their skirts.”

The complaints states the pictures were found on Halbrooks laptop — 55 photos of four victims, taken around March and February of 2016. The pictures “depict (the victim) standing up, walking up the stairs, taken up (the victim’s) skirt,” and without consent.

Officers also located at least five photographs taken in May of 2015, of a fifth victim.

...Halbrooks faces four felony charges (invading privacy, viewing/broadcasting/recording an individual’s genitals, etc.), and one count of disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.
Very creepy.

Something this story doesn't note: Austin Halbrooks is the son of David Halbrooks, prominent Milwaukee attorney and new Democratic appointee to the state's Ethics Board.

The story of the alleged crimes of Austin Halbrooks is being reported in local media.

What's not being reported is that his father is a Democrat appointee to the Ethics Board. I heard about that via Mark Belling.

Is there any doubt that if a Republican's son had done what Austin Halbrooks is being charged with the father/son relationship would be an important angle of the story?

Imagine the media frenzy if one of Scott Walker's sons had done this while in high school.

Why not mention the alleged criminal's relationship to Democrat David Halbrooks?


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