Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wisconsin Boycott List

UPDATE, March 30, 2011: WSEU circulating boycott letters

Members of Wisconsin State Employees Union, AFSCME Council 24, have begun circulating letters to businesses in southeast Wisconsin, asking them to support workers’ rights by putting up a sign in their windows.

If businesses fail to comply, the letter says, “Failure to do so will leave us no choice but (to) do a public boycott of your business. And sorry, neutral means 'no' to those who work for the largest employer in the area and are union members."

Jim Parrett, a field representative of Council 24 for Southeast Wisconsin, confirmed the contents of the letter, which carries his signature.


Businesses in Wisconsin have been targeted with boycotts by union bosses and their minions.

Boycott Scott Walker Contributors, on Facebook, is a "meeting place for the movement to boycott major contributors to Scott Walker's campaign."

From WISN:

There are several online efforts to boycott businesses that have employees or board members who have supported Gov. Scott Walker.

The attempts are raising questions about whether they will have any impact or if it's fair to target a business for the donations of its employees.

A Facebook boycott is one attempt to keep the opponents of Walker's collective bargaining bill energized and to keep the enthusiasm witnessed at the Capitol over the past three weeks going.

"One goal is to make companies and, particularly, their owners and top executives aware that their support of candidates such as Scott Walker can have consequences," Sam Hokin, the Boycott Scott Walker Contributors Facebook page organizer, said.

..."I think it's time to take sides. I've been saying that since the 2000 campaign. I feel that the Republicans do take sides, and last Wednesday evening, they essentially declared war," Hokin said.

The page lists more than 100 businesses, including M&I Bank, which perhaps coincidentally was vandalized with anti-Walker graffiti in Greendale on Sunday night. The bank said it didn't give any money to Walker in the last campaign and gave this statement:

"Employees have the right to contribute to the candidate of their choice," M&I spokeswoman Sara Schmitz said.

"It doesn't really reflect on the company, it's a personal gift. And as a result, I don't think the unions are right in trying to boycott companies," Super Steel owner Fred Luber said.

Hokin says, "One goal is to make companies and, particularly, their owners and top executives aware that their support of candidates such as Scott Walker can have consequences."


Wisconsinites voted for Scott Walker and his agenda. We gave Republicans control of the Senate and the Assembly.

What did the Democrats in the Senate do? They boycotted the Senate in an attempt to damage the body and obstruct the democratic process.

Similarly, Wisconsin employers are being targeted by the anti-Walker forces with boycotts to damage them.

That's bad for Wisconsin and the middle class workers employed by those businesses.

Why make a worker for Johnsonville Foods, Kwik Trip, or NML suffer for a political donation made by a private citizen?

Do these union members and supporters realize that they're declaring war on the middle class at the same time they claim to be standing up for it?

Counter the boycotts by supporting the businesses targeted by opponents of Governor Scott Walker.

Don't let in- and out-of-state union thugs damage private sector, middle class jobs in Wisconsin.


ABC Supply Co


Agrecol Corp

Allen Edmonds Shoes

AMK Concepts & Services

Anew Health Care Services Inc

AO Smith Corp

Apache Stainless Steel

Artisan Partners

Atlantic DQ

Audio Implements/GKC

Badger Meter

Baraboo Growth

Bevco Ergonomic Seating

Blomquist Benefits Consulting

Boerke Co Inc

Bradley Foundation

Brian Retzlaff Trucking

Briggs & Stratton

Burke Properties

Burlington Northern Santa Fe…

Call Solutions

Campbell Wrapper Corp


CD Smith Construction

Chambers & Owen

Charro Restaurante

Charter Manufacturing

Church Mutual Insurance

Cobalt Partners LLC

Commonwealth Development Corp…

Continental Properties Co Inc

County Concrete

Couri Insurance Agency

Custom Pak Products

Deere & Company

EBY-Brown Co

Einhorn Associates

Eli Lilly

Emergency Medicine Specialists

Endeavors Group

Fabco Equipment Inc

Fashion Angels Enterprises

Feather Larson & Synhorst…

Fiduciary Management

First American Funding

Fisher Barton Inc

Glenora Co

GMR Marketing

Gogebic Taconite LLC

Gold Leaf Development

Hal Leonard Publishing

Hammes Co

Harris Associates

Hay Creek Pallett

Heartland Advisors

Hexagon Investments

High Crossing Development Corp

HNTB Holdings Ltd

Holton Brothers Construction

Horton Group

Hovde Financial

Hy Cite Corp



Inpro Corp

Insight Industries

Irgens Development Partners

Johnson Controls

Johnsonville Foods

JSD Professional Services Inc

Kapur & Associates

KBS Construction

Koch Industries, Inc.

Koss Corp

Krier Foods

Kwik Trip

Lorman Education Services

Lubar & Co

Managed Health Services/Centene

M&I Bank

Meissner, Tierney, et al

Michels Corp

Midwest Neurosurgical



Minnesota Wild

MJ Construction Inc

Morrison Creek Cranberry

Nicholas Company Inc

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance

Nova Surgical LLC

Orthopaedic Associates of…


Panduit Corp

Paper Machinery Corp

Payne & Dolan

Pinstripe Inc

Plastic Surgery Group

Prent Corp

Promotions Unlimited

RCI FirstPathway Partners

Reiman Publications

Richardson Industries

Rite Hite Corp

Roehl Transport

Salomon Smith Barney

Sargento Inc

SC Johnson & Sons

Schneider National

School Choice

Sendik’s Food Market

Shannon Sales Inc

SIG Financial Holdings

Specialty Underwriters

St John Properties Inc

Standard Process Laboratories

Stark Investments

Super Steel Products

Tamarack Petroleum Co

Tankcraft Corp

TDS Telecom


Tries & Rice

Uihlein Wilson Architects

US Counseling Service

US Oil Co

V Duane Rath Foundation

Wal-Mart Stores

Wausau Homes

Wausau Paper

WellPoint, Inc.

West Allis Salvage

West Bend Clinic

Zenith Tech


How does a business get off the anti-Walker, anti-taxpayer, anti-middle class, anti-worker, unions' boycott list?

"Two easy steps."

We have analyzed the web traffic on the Boycott List through Google Analytics and the clickthroughs are in the hundreds of thousands and unique visits are over 150,000 visitors.

Consider that those web visits are then multiplied by an unknown large number and you have exactly what democracy looks like. As they say in the web business, that’s a lot of “eyeballs”.

Let’s say you or your company is on the list. In order to have your name of your company, PAC or other interest listed on the Boycott List to be removed, you need to follow two simple steps:

Send a press release to info@scottwalker.com where you completely renounce Scott Walker’s policies and support his recall as soon as possible with these words (PDF with letterhead):
1. “I, with (company/PAC/etc) hereby completely denounce Scott Walker and the Republicans for their antics to destroy the Working Class because they are errand boys of the RNC, the Koch Brothers and want to inflict evil on the working and middle class of this country.”
Upload a Youtube video of the company president (we will verify) where he or she pronounces these words:

2. “I, with (company/PAC/etc) hereby completely denounce Scott Walker and the Republicans for their antics to destroy the Working Class because they are errand boys of the RNC, the Koch Brothers and want to inflict evil on the working and middle class of this country.”

Two steps. Easy to follow. Any content that doesn’t these simple procedures will be considered void and a cow pie.

Otherwise, the names will remain and the links from this list will continue to procreate by the thousands to other sites by the day.

Good grief.

I think I'll buy some Johnsonville brats.


Mark Smith said...

Dear Fascists

I'm a liberal and a union supporter who has bought his last hunk of Wisconsin cheese or anything else from Wisconsin until you all send Walker and his Nazi allies packing.

Have a nice (Nazi) day
Mark Smith

Mary said...

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day, Mark!

Gail said...

In answer to Mark Smith. What does your refrain from buying Wisconsin cheese have anything to do with what the MAJORITY of the Wisconsin voters elected in November. Since the United states is a Republic and we vote as a democracy, they won you lost, get over it. You do not have an argument that makes sense. You sound like a spoiled child not getting his way and stomps off with his marbles, either that or a thug who is trying to intimidate others. Surely you are not that are you?

Robert Lafollet said...

Thank you for providing a comprehensive list of companies to boycott.

Mary said...

Well, yes, if you want to declare war on the middle class, it's a boycott list.

But if you care about the middle class, and you denounce the intimidation and assault tactics being employed by the union thugs and their minions, it's not that at all.

It's a list of businesses that need our support.

Gerry said...

I have one thing to say to those who state that a boycott is an attack on the middle class ... WAKE UP!

The "war" was initiated decades ago by the mega wealthy (ie: Koch), corporations, activist judges (ie: Supreme Court), and politicians interested in the "New World Order". Today the deck is so stacked against the common folk that boycotting is one of the limited tools left. What I want to see is the middle class SUPPORTED not more give aways to the rich.

There are two sides to this coin. As the saying goes: One man's (business) loss is another man's (business) gain. Supporting businesses that are ethical will create growth and new jobs within that business. So sorry to those businesses that are not ethical and lose wealth and power because of it.

Also, to those who rant that "elections have consequences" ... "get over it". If that's the way it is then the Republicans should have shut up and taken their medicine two years ago. That comment is so lame it's not funny. Quite frankly it is you who sounds like the child that makes no sense.

Laslavic said...

thank you very much for the list of companies that I plan to frequent exclusively . what would be more useful is a list of the companies that have agreed to extortion demands of the unioners