Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Kamala's Crazy Liberal Record

Americans don't want what Kamala Harris is selling.

Trump: 'No Thanks, Kamala'

No thanks, Kamala. No thanks.

I prefer to vote for a better life for Americans. It's that simple.

Trump - Charlotte, NC Rally

The media went nuts yesterday because 3,000 people showed up at a high school gym for a Kamala Harris rally in West Allis, Wisconsin.

It looks like President Trump has a larger crowd in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Brian Kilmeade and the 'Colored Sorority'

The Democrats have nothing. Under Biden-Harris, they've done untold damage to the country and brought daily suffering to the American people.

What to do? They can't talk about policies. They can't talk about reality. So, they make up a scandal. They focus on a lie. They cry, "RACISM."

Brian Kilmeade is under attack for saying "college sorority."
Claire McCaskill is a piece of work.

Wisconsin Voters Slam Kamala Harris for Covering Up Biden's Condition

Kamala Harris is part of the cover-up. She can't be trusted. She's conniving and dishonest.

Dave McCormick Destroys Bob Casey and Kamala Harris

Well done.

Dukes of Maga

The MAGA Coalition - It's fun here.

Kamala Harris Border Czar Denial

Biden/Biden puppet masters charged Kamala Harris with managing the border. That is a fact.

Of course, Democrats will lie. It's what they do.

Fetterman Wears A Suit for Netanyahu Address


Netanyahu Snubs Schumer

READ: "The Humiliating Cowardice of Schumer and Nadler"

Kamala Harris Boycotts Netanyahu

Kamala Harris stands with pro-Hamas, anti-America domestic terrorists. That doesn't sit well with me.

Elon Musk Attends Netanyahu Address

Patriot Musk.

Rashida Tlaib - Pro-Hamas, Anti-America Democrat

Well said, Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Pro-Hamas Protesters Remove and Burn American Flags at Union Station

Don't think these thugs are staging anti-Israel protests. They are anti-American to the core. They support Kamala Harris.

Democrat Party Base Defaces Statues

Kamala Harris kowtows to these thugs. They hate America. That's why they hate the MAGA coalition.

Christopher Wray Testimony - Crooks and 8 'Cartridges on the Roof'

The reason to give an evasive answer is to evade providing a direct and honest answer.

Cartridges? Shell casings?

Christopher Wray would not say that Thomas Crooks fired eight shots.

Why respond to a simple question with a shadowy answer? It's as if Wray is intentionally creating doubt.

New Video Of Trump Assassination Attempt

Thomas Crooks pointed his gun at rallygoers. He had so much time before being neutralized.

Kim Cheatle's resignation doesn't end this.

Kamala Harris Raised Money to Bail Out Criminals in 2020

Americans know Kamala Harris is a ditz with a weird, piercing cackle that she hauls out as a crutch. There's a lot more that Americans need to learn about Harris.

Trump Assassination Plot Cover-up

No accountability. The Biden Regime is a disgrace.

Father of Thomas Crooks

We have so little information at this point, and what we do know just raises more questions.

Bodycam Footage From Rooftop After Trump Shooting

Dangerous sloped roof. Sure.

Kamala Harris - DEI Hire

It is what it is.

Kamala Cackles in Wisconsin

What's so funny, Kamala?


Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Biden Surfaces, Barely

Rather than staging a coup, they should have gone the 25th amendment route. That would have been appropriate.

Culinary Workers Union Endorses Trump's 'No Tax on Tips'

President Trump, for the peope.

Quinnipiac: Trump +19 Over Harris - Age 18-34

Maybe younger Americans want peace and prosperity.

'DEI' Does Not Equal 'N-Word'

Biden declared he would choose a black woman to be his VP running mate. All potential candidates had to have the proper skin color and gender. Without those characteristics, a candidate would be eliminated.

THAT is racist.

Equating "DEI" with the N-word is just more race-baiting BS.

Kamala Harris Boycotts Netanyahu's Speech

This is a major mistake by Kamala Harris.

Biscuit Basin in Yellowstone - Explosion

Is this because of plastic straws?

Reasons to Reject Kamala Harris

This is why the Democrat puppet masters tried to prop up Biden for the 2024 election and not stage a coup to remove him sooner. Kamala Harris has serious problems, beyond Biden's baggage. Her record is a disaster and she's a terrible campaigner. She's abusive to her staff, resulting in frequent, massive turnover.

And, perhaps most importantly, she has a likability problem. She's the most unpopular vice president in modern history.

INSURRECTION: Anti-Semitic Rioters Occupy Capitol

Go to work, FBI. Throw these insurrectionists in jail.

4-in-10 Americans Worried About Making Ends Meet in Harris-Biden Economy

Americans can thank the Harris-Biden Regime for their economic suffering.

I want to return to the peace and prosperity we enjoyed when President Trump was in the Oval Office.

Chuck Schumer Supports Kamala Harris - AWKWARD

Echoes of Jeb Bush.

CHUCK SCHUMER: So now that the process has played out, from the grassroots bottom-up, we are hear today to throw our support behind Vice President Kamala Harris.

"Process"? "Grassroots"? "Bottom-up"?

We saw a coup play out. Does Schumer mean the coup process? Is he referring to grassroots elites?

No process involving the voters played out. Biden was ousted and Harris was selected. The alleged process was an utter humiliation for Biden and the Democrats. Anti-American people process.

Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez Will Resign

From AP:
U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez is resigning from office Aug. 20 following his conviction for taking bribes for corrupt acts including acting as an agent of the Egyptian government, a person familiar with the matter told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Menendez had insisted after the July 16 verdict that he was innocent and promised to appeal. The person who told the AP about Menendez’s resignation did so on the condition of anonymity because the New Jersey Democrat’s decision hadn’t been made public. Menendez’s attorney hasn’t returned messages seeking comment.
Democrat Bob Menendez was convicted of taking bribes and "acting as an agent of the Egyptian government."

That Democrat corruption is a big deal. Of course, the corrupt acts of the Biden Crime Family are a much bigger deal.

Kim Cheatle Resigns

Kim Cheatle's resignation comes way too late. Her role in the assassination attempt on President Trump needs to be thoroughly investigated. The Secret Service cover-up is still going full speed ahead.

Kamala in West Allis

Kamala Harris is in Wisconsin today, holding the first rally of her campaign in West Allis.

Her plane landed in Milwaukee roughly 48 hours after that weird retirement letter allegedly from Biden appeared on X. Prior to that bizarre PDF, Harris was backing mentally and physically frail Biden for president.

Then came the switcheroo. Within two days, Harris raised $100 million and amassed the necessary delegates to attain the Democrat nomination.

Considering absolutely NO ONE voted for her to be the nominee, I don't think that's much of an accomplishment.

It's a rigged system.

Harris is a puppet, just like Biden. She doesn't have dementia, but other than that, she's a puppet.

And Democrat voters are completely irrelevant.

Kamala Harris: Dangerously Liberal

Kamala Harris Campaigns in Milwaukee Today

From AP:

Vice President Kamala Harris is making her first visit to a battleground state Tuesday after locking up enough support from Democratic delegates to win her party’s nomination to challenge Republican former President Donald Trump, two days after President Joe Biden dropped his reelection bid.

As the Democratic Party continues to coalesce around her, Harris is traveling to Milwaukee, where she will hold her first campaign rally since she launched her campaign on Sunday with Biden’s endorsement. Harris has raised more than $100 million since Sunday afternoon and has scored the backing of Democratic officials and political groups.

Kamala Harris raised $100 million in a day and a half, and secured enough Democrat delegates to win the nomination after Democrat thugs forced Biden to drop out of the race.

The plot to depose Biden, beginning with that early debate in June, is an affront to the American people. A small cabal directed Biden's removal and selected Harris. No one cast a primary vote for her. I don't know what this is but it's not democracy. It's not government of the people, by the people, for the people.

It's rigged.

So where and when is the Harris rally?

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, those details aren't available yet. How can that be?
Her trip to Milwaukee was announced just after the Republican National Convention ended in the same city — but before Biden dropped out and endorsed Harris as his replacement. White House officials confirmed Monday the trip was still on.

It's not yet clear where Harris will speak in Milwaukee, and at what time. Follow along with the Journal Sentinel as we share updates about the details of Harris' trip, what she'll talk about and how Wisconsin politicians respond.

...Where will Kamala Harris speak in Milwaukee?

The location where Harris will speak in Milwaukee hasn't been announced.

Harris could make only one stop, or she could visit multiple locations in Milwaukee — it's not clear yet.

When will Kamala Harris speak in Milwaukee?

This also isn't known yet.
Why wouldn't details be set at this point? This wasn't a surprise visit. It was announced when the RNC ended.


Biden's fake campaign, followed by his fake presidency, and then another fake campaign has morphed into Harris's fake nomination and fake campaign.

This should give pause to every American.

Where's Biden?

Kamala's Biggest Accomplishment as VP


What a liar!

Ro Khanna Tells Cheatle to Resign

I hope the Biden puppet masters are listening. Kim Cheatle needs to be fired.

J.D. Vance: 'Border Crisis Is a Kamala Harris Crisis'

Kamala Harris must account for every single disastrous Biden Regime decision.

As the Border Czar, Harris owns the invasion and all its consequences.

Biden Experienced 'Full Blown Medical Emergency' in Vegas

The Biden presidency is nothing but a series of lies, cover-ups, and scandals.

Coup: Mission Accomplished

Ruthless people.

Nancy Pelosi: The Easy Way or the Hard Way

In other words, Biden didn't make a patriotic move. He didn't make a choice for the good of the country or his political party. He was forced to drop out of the race by Democrat thugs, like Nancy Pelosi.

Biden had no choice. He didn't choose to leave the race. Biden didn't make the decision, just like everything else that took place during his hoax of a presidency.

Democrat Party Set to Install Kamala Harris

Democracy dies with Democrats.

Monday, July 22, 2024

Biden Is Out

RFK Jr.: Kamala Harris - 'Concealer-in-Chief'

Explain, Kamala.

Pat Fallon to Cheatle: 'Go Back to Guarding Doritos'

Biden/Biden puppet masters must fire Kim Cheatle now.

Blinken and the 'Black Man' Going to Asia

From Reuters:

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin head to Asia this week to reassure allies and partners of U.S. support, the State Department’s top official for East Asia said on Monday, as the November U.S. presidential election casts uncertainty over Washington’s foreign policy.

U.S. tensions with China will provide the backdrop to the trip. Blinken is expected to meet his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi on the sidelines of regional meetings in Laos, Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Kritenbrink told reporters. Blinken and Austin will hold security talks with U.S. allies Japan and the Philippines.
Will Biden ever learn the name of his secretary of defense?

Not likely.
Biden is getting heat for not knowing Lloyd Austin's name after four years and calling him "the black man," not for appointing him secretary of defense. If Biden wants to treat him with dignity, he should learn Austin's name.

Biden Steps Down on National Ice Cream Day

Maybe the Biden puppet masters thought the historic humiliation Biden suffered would be soothed a bit with a great big cone of chocolate chip ice cream.

Netanyahu Arrives in U.S. - Biden, Blinken, Harris Not There to Greet Him

Biden allegedly still has COVID and is OD'ing on Paxlovid. I guess he has an excuse.

For Kamala Harris to snub the prime minister of Israel is not a good look for the vice president and potential/probable Democrat candidate for president. This was an opportunity for her to appear presidential and she blew it off. She must really hate Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu.

As far as Antony Blinken goes, we know he does everything he can to undermine and insult our ally.

President Trump never did and never would treat Prime Minister Netanyahu like this.

Obama Reassures Nation

I think this story belongs on Not the Bee.

Jared Moskowitz, Raja Krishnamoorthi Question Kim Cheatle

Even the Democrats acknowledge that someone must be held accountable for the assassination attempt on President Trump, and take Kim Cheatle to task.

Jim Jordan Questions Kim Cheatle

] Kim Cheatle is a disgrace.

I am sick of Biden Regime officials claiming to be unprepared to testify and unable to provide answers. Completely unacceptable.

Marjorie Taylor-Greene Questions Kim Cheatle

Kim Cheatle must resign or be fired.

If that doesn't happen, I will be convinced there was a conspiracy to kill President Trump.

Actually, I'm pretty convinced of that already.

Nancy Mace Questions Kim Cheatle

Nancy Mace does not mince words while questioning Kim Cheatle.

Kamala Talks to 'Toddler' Biden


Kamala Coup Complete

Man in the Gray Suit - Trump Assassination Attempt

What the hell?

Biden Gets TEN Doses of Paxlovid

That's a lot of Paxlovid!

Of course, the Big Guy's doctor, Kevin O'Connor, is the same guy who declared Biden to be of sound mind and in no need of a cognitive test.

I don't think he's a very good doctor. I know he's a liar.

Biden Calls Into Kamala Campaign HQ

He's alive! Maybe.

Biden hasn't sounded this strong and coherent for years. Still no photos or video of Biden.

I don't trust anything that comes from this White House.

The timing of this phone call, allegedly proving Biden is alive and somewhat well, is an effort to deflect from Kim Cheatle's disastrous appearance before the House Oversight and Accountability Committee.

Josh Shapiro and Democrats' Anti-Semitism

The Democrat Party is a mess.


Kamala Harris and the Biden Cover-up

Kamala Harris owns the abysmal Biden-Harris record. She'll have to defend the border invasion, record-setting inflation, wars, all of it. She'll have to explain her lies about Biden's physical and mental condition. She'll have to explain her role in the cover-up, her role in deceiving the American people. Good luck with that.

Kamala: Time to Be Unburdened

Estee's Kamala Cackle is perfect.

Tulsi Gabbard Embarrasses Kamala Harris

Biden HQ Becomes Kamala HQ

Just like that.

Democracy dies with Democrats.

Biden Election Announcement - No Official White House Letterhead


It's all so weird.

I guess coups get weird.

X Rules

Biden's puppet masters chose to announce Biden's "departure" on X.

That's interesting, given that Democrats/Marxists/Leftists claim X is dead or at least dying.

Why pick an irrelevant platform to make an announcement of historic magnitude?

Josh Hawley: Biden Should Resign

Sunday Recap - Biden Chaos

I want the normality of the Trump years back.

Breaking the News to Biden

Poor Joey baby.

Joe Manchin Considering Challenging Kamala Harris

The operative word is "considering."

Joe Manchin wants any attention he can get. "Considering" gives him a little.

Democrat chaos.

Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg - The Ticket?

Who is running the country now?

I suspect the person/persons calling the shots now and the past four years would also be calling the shots with Harris-Buttigieg or Harris-Anyone or Anyone/Anyone.

Biden: The Disappearing President

It is very strange.

Frank Biden and Biden's Health

The Biden presidency hoax.

This is scandal of historic proportions.

How could Jill have done this to her husband?

How could all the other Bidens have gone along with this?

Money. Power.

Sunday, July 21, 2024

Mike Johnson Calls For Biden to Resign

MIKE JOHNSON: If Joe Biden is not fit to run for President, he is not fit to serve as President. He must resign the office immediately. November 5 cannot arrive soon enough.
If the Democrats truly care about the American people, they should join Speaker Mike Johnson in calling for Biden to resign from office immediately.

Biden is unfit to serve. Everybody knows that, including our enemies.

The Democrats' presidency hoax has been exposed, and it needs to end now.

Obama's Statement on Biden Dropping Out

Chaos. Fraud.

Vivek Was Right

Kamala Harris - Obama's Puppet

Biden Endorses Kamala Harris

Sick of the Biden chaos? The Kamala chaos? The Democrat chaos?

The Democrat focus is on retaining power, and profiting while giving Americans the shaft.

I want a president who will focus on working FOR the people.

While all this crap is going on, the border is still open. Terrorists Biden allowed into our country are plotting to attack us. Illegal immigrants are draining our resources. Some illegal immigrants are committing horrific crimes, victimizing our fellow citizens.

While this Democrat power grabbing and posturing is happening, inflation is crippling Americans. Gas prices, at least in Wisconsin, have jumped up in the past week.

While all this chaos plays out, our tax dollars are pouring into other countries fighting wars because of the disastrous Biden-Harris policies.

I want the adults to be back in charge to work for us and to make life better for us. Vote for peace and prosperity, strength and stability.

Vote for Trump-Vance 2024.

Democrats' Snow Job

"Finish the job"?

End the deceit and the fraud and the lies and all the corruption.

Make America great again.

Drain the Swamp.

Biden on 2024 Election: That Was Then, This Is Now

"I will win it." No, I won't.

Biden and his regime are the ones who have been feeding us lies for YEARS.

The Democrats have been staging a hoax, deceiving the American people, for YEARS.

If you're not troubled by this BS, by the Democrats' making a mockery of democracy, you need to open your eyes and your mind.

Biden Drops Out of Race

I wonder if Biden knew what he was signing.

Did he sign it?

Who knows? We can't trust anything coming from this White House.

Jill must be devastated. Then again, she and the rest of the Biden Crime Family probably negotiated a deal that will take care of them for life.

Trump Loves Elon Musk

Mike Waltz Fact Checks CNN Fact Checker

Mayorkas, Cheatle Lied About Trump Team Security Requests

Alejandro Mayorkas is a liar.

Kim Cheatle is a liar.

Trump Rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Too big to rig.

Democrat Leaders Stage Coup

These Democrats trying to force Biden out of power, overruling the voters, are the enemies of democracy.

T. Rex: The Slider - 52 Years Ago

T. Rex released The Slider 52 years ago today.

Saturday, July 20, 2024

Trump's Bandage

Bill Maher and Trump Rally Security Failure

Process, blah, blah, blah.

Fire Kim Cheatle.

David Letterman to Headline Biden Fundraiser in Hawaii, July 29

Letterman and Biden - Why does that make me laugh? Their irrelevancy?

Never forget how the people of Maui were treated by Biden and his regime.

Josh Hawley - Security For Trump Rally Was a 'Total Disaster'

The government is engaged in a cover-up. It' so obvious.

Thomas Crooks Flew a Drone Over Rally Location

How in hell does Kim Cheatle still have her job?

'The Eagle Has Landed' - 55 Years Ago

Fifty-five years ago today, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first human beings in history to land on the moon.