Saturday, July 2, 2022

Puppy and Bunny

Guaranteed to make you smile.

Clarence Thomas - 'Only in America'

America - Land of Opportunity

It's terrifying that Biden and his regime seek to weaken the country and cause Americans to suffer in the name of their Liberal World Order.


Friday, July 1, 2022

Pima County Democratic Party - Fourth of July Plans

I'm going to enjoy the 4th of July the way I have all my life - with family and friends, food, and fireworks.

Joe Rogan's Kamala Harris Impression

Kamala Harris is a joke.

Global Warming Lies


No, it's not.

J6 Committee - Stalinist Show Trial

It's maddening that we're paying for this Democrat propaganda.

Biden, Hot Dogs, and the Liberal World Order

Remember this?

Psaki refuses to address the reality that Americans are being pummeled at the pump. Accusing Peter Doocy of not liking hot dogs as a response to his question is idiotic.

Biden and his regime are hurting Americans. We're not better off than we were six months ago.


These were the good old days under Biden's illegitimate presidency.

Americans have to pay a whopping price to prop up the Liberal World Order.


Biden Lies About Inflation

Biden's Liberal World Order

Biden has no intention of helping American families.

We have to suffer so Biden and his regime can realize their anti-freedom, globalist plans.

The Liberal World Order has been dismissed by Democrats as conspiracy crap. Now, it's being touted as the reason we have to endure historically high gas prices and crippling inflation.

I don't care about standing firm for the the future of the Liberal World Order. It's bad for American families.

The Band: Music from Big Pink - 54 Years Ago

The Band released Music from Big Pink fifty-four years ago today.

WH Press Corps Revolt

If not for the complicit Democrat press, the Big Tech cartel, and the Democrat Cabal, Biden would not be president.

America needs a free press, not the manipulation of the Democrat Cabal.

Good Morning America Tweets False Information

The Democrat/Leftist media don't even bother to try to share the truth with their viewers.

Rashida Tlaib Doesn't Know How Our Government Works

The Democrat party is circling the drain.

Hutchinson's Credibility Disintegrates

Hutchinson has destroyed herself with her fabrications, setting off the complete collapse of the J6 "hearings."

Gutfeld! - King of Late Night

The other late night shows are unwatchable. Gutfeld! delivers laughs, something that was missing on late night TV for far too long. The show is smart and entertaining.

Biden Falls Apart on World Stage


Thursday, June 30, 2022

Disney's Woke Makeover Presses Forward

Once upon a time, Disney provided family entertainment.

Looking to lose money? Buy stock in Disney.

More Hutchinson Discrepancies

It's amazing that people are still claiming Hutchinson was a credible witness.

China's Horrific Organ Harvest

Any comments, Disney? NBA?

Wisconsin Democrats Vow to Ignore Law, Keep Killing Babies

Democrats really love to kill. It's disturbing.

Liz Cheney Pushed Hoax Testimony

Liz Cheney is destroying herself. Her show trial is crashing and burning.

Her future may hold a gig at MSNBC or CNN. Other than that, she's done.

Biden Regime Lie - 'The Border Is Closed'

Biden and his regime refuse to secure the border. They are aiding and abetting criminals. They're waging war on Americans.

Media - 'Corrupt Propagandists'

These propagandists work to brainwash their audience. They are not about the truth. They are about manipulation. They should not be treated as purveyors of the "news." They are Democrat hacks.

Fauci's COVID Journey

Greg Abbott and Biden's Border Crisis

Impeach Biden.

Democrat Heroes


Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Woody Williams R.I.P.

Rest in peace.

Secret Service Blows Lid Off J6 Circus

We're paying for this Stalinist show trial with our tax dollars. Sickening.

Wanda Sykes Mocks Middle America

This is really ugly stuff from Wanda Sykes.

This is why I no longer watch any late night talk shows.

Mike Pompeo Is Running For President

No doubt about it.

Biden Back to 'Ultra-MAGA'

Biden certainly didn't compose this tweet. I'm sure it took him many lengthy training sessions to be taught and pronounce the term "ultra-MAGA."

Whoever is responsible for this statement is a dunce.

Saving female babies from the Democrat slaughter is very empowering for those lives.

AOC Doesn't Understand Our Government

Sandy Cortez doesn't know what she's talking about.

The Supreme Court hasn't abused its power. She sounds like a ditzy college kid, confident but clueless.

Cortez is a media creation. Her social media stuff is embarrassing. She's given a lot of attention but there's nothing there there. Vacuous.

J6 Hearing Fraud - Cheney Hugs Hutchinson

Stalinist show trial.

'Trump's Second Term'

J6 Committee Must Allow Secret Service Agents to Testify

I haven't watched any of the Democrats' show trial live.

It's not a hearing. It's a commercial.

Trump's VERY Long Arms


Bobby Engel Will Testify Under Oath

More lies from the kangaroo court. What a joke!

Biden's Illegitimate Election

Allegation: Trump Throws Lunch Against Wall

I could not care less what President Trump did or didn't do with his lunch.

I care about Biden inflation, Biden gas, the Biden border crisis, the Biden fentanyl crisis, the Biden crime crisis, the Biden baby formula crisis, the Biden crime family's corruption, etc.

I would gladly trade a president tossing his lunch for the peace and prosperity we enjoyed while Trump was in office.

No contest.

Biden Border Crisis: Housing Unaccompanied Children in North Carolina

This is an abomination. We are paying for this.

Vote Democrats out of power.

Biden Confused by Chair

Biden looks like he never saw a chair before.

Sit, Biden. Sit.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

51 Migrants Dead in Texas

Biden is enabling the cartels and is causing untold misery. The blood is on the Democrats' hands.

If at least 51 people were killed in a single mass shooting, the media would be all over it. Elected Democrats would be issuing statements and hopping on TV condemning the murders.

Because these deaths are the result of Biden's border policies, there is silence.

This is horrific on so many levels.

Gianno Caldwell's Little Brother

This is heartbreaking.

Democrats' anti-police policies are destroying so many lives.

Hillary Clinton Lies About Clarence Thomas

Thank God the American people rejected Hillary Clinton and elected President Trump.

Her attack on Clarence Thomas is disgraceful.

I hope she will be held accountable for her crimes soon.

Operation Red Wings


J6 Committee Jumps Shark

I care about the price and availability of gas and food, not the Democrats' insurrection hoax and their Stalinist show trial. Exactly.

Happy Birthday, Elon Musk

Trump Derangement Off the Charts

The Democrats/Marxists/Leftists consider President Trump to be an existential threat to their hold on power.

In fact, the existential threat to Americans is the policies of the Democrats/Marxists/Leftists.

California Justice System Aids Fentanyl Scourge

This is madness.

Sergeant at Arms in Charge of Capitol Security on January 6 Dies


John Roberts Concurs



Leaving the Democrat Party

Turns out Americans don't like what the Democrats are offering - Marxism and all its consequences.

Fourth of July for Leftists

Celebrating the Fourth of July is tough for Democrats/Marxists/Leftists. It isn't easy to celebrate what you hate.

President Trump's Legacy

This correction on the activisit Court is decades overdue.