Monday, March 27, 2023

ESPN Celebrates Women's History Month


Digital Blackface

So if I post a GIF or meme of any person to express a strong emotion other than one of my own race, gender, ethnicity, and age, am I guilty of racism, sexism, ageism, etc.?

What if the image is an animated character? What if the animated character isn't human? Is that a digital offense, too?

The alleged rules are ridiculous.

What is digital blackface?

From CNN:
In trying to define digital blackface, it depends on who you talk to. The standard for some is comparable to what one Supreme Court Justice once said when asked his test for pornography: “I know it when I see it.”

This guidance might help: If a White person shares an image online that perpetuates stereotypes of Black people as loud, dumb, hyperviolent or hypersexual, they’ve entered digital blackface territory.
What if a black person shares an image that perpetuates stereotypes of white people?

What if a man shares an image that perpetuates stereotypes of women? Is that offensive? It certainly must be something akin to "digital blackface territory."

I'm sick of everything being labeled as racist. It's impossible to function with the "I know it when I see it” standard.

The standards are such that everyone can be charged as racist or sexist or ageist at any moment.

Why threaten people this way? Why promote this sort of social paralysis?

It has to stop.

People need to man up.


Person Wants to be Called 'Ma'am,' Melts Down

I feel sorry for the clerk. He keeps apologizing and the upset person refuses to accept.

This is just a clip so it's impossible to judge the entire encounter.

From this video, it appears that the upset person demanding to be called "Ma'am" is being unreasonable. People misspeak. They make mistakes. It doesn't appear the clerk intended to be disrespectful.

Anger is off the charts. What happened to forgiveness?

Wisconsin Supreme Court Election - Catholics and Abortion

A vote for Janet Protasiewicz is a vote to kill babies.

If you support the wholesale slaughter of innocent human life, vote for Protasiewicz. Don't pretend you can do that and be a Catholic in good standing.

First Citizens Bank Buys Silicon Valley Bank

Pennsylvania Voters: Fetterman Should Resign

Sunday, March 26, 2023

COVID - False Narratives/Wrong Policies

Paris in the Springtime


Noahic Covenant

Always read the fine print.

Fauci vs. Fauci

After Fauci admitted he lied to Americans about masks, I considered him to be part of the inaccurate COVID information problem and never trusted anything he said. That was in 2020.

He was a source of COVID disinformation and obfuscation on the origin of the virus and his promotion of gain of function research.

Just a few months into the pandemic that began in Wuhan, it was clear Fauci was a quack, a hack, and an apologist for China.

His record on COVID is dismal. Just the facts.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Biden's Political Prisoners


I miss those days.

It's strange to think of the 90s as a time of innocence and family values and community.

We've become so isolated and divided. I feel sorry for today's kids.

Rolling Fork and Amory, Mississippi - Devastating Tornadoes

Macron Makes His Watch Disappear

Parental Bill of Rights

I agree with each of these points. Why would any parent not want these rights regarding their children's education?

Vote for Dan Kelly

Trump Exploits Legal Loophole

Trudeau Guides Biden Off Stage

Biden is an embarrassment on the world stage.

Adults Cheer 13-Year-Old Drag Queen

This makes my skin crawl. A child should not be performing like this for adults.

Friday, March 24, 2023


The nightmare continues.

Biden: 'I Applaud China'

Biden is unfit to serve.

He can't speak. Is Biden's yelling more or less off-putting than his whispering? Biden's creepy whisper really is disturbing.

Biden's Motorcade - Carbon Footprint Hypocrisy

Good grief.

Purdue Greets Michael Knowles

Democrats/Marxists/Leftists on campuses are not very collegial. Rather than engage in debate, they try to silence people with different opinions. Leftists used to be against censorship.

These students apparently doubt their capability to win arguments and must resort to chanting lame stuff instead. Antifa members are taking part in the protest. Some may not be Purdue students.

The protest definitely reflects poorly on Purdue, like last week's protest at Standford.

Saudi MBC TV Mocks Biden

This is comedy, but it's not funny.

It's not even that exaggerated. It's pretty much reality TV.

Northern Lights - Hartland, Sheboygan, Baraboo


Iranian Drone Strike Kills American Contractor, Injures 5 Soldiers

None of this crap happened while President Trump was in office.

Biden and his regime are weak. The world knows it.

Isn't it great that Iran will have a nuclear bomb thanks to Obama and Biden?

Kelisa Wing, Pentagon's Diversity Chief

Kelisa Wing is racist.

She'll receive no disciplinary action. The military appears to foster systemic racism.

No wonder military recruitments are down dramatically.

Ron Johnson and the Origin of COVID

We deserve to know about the origin of COVID. This cover-up is inexcusable.

Thank you, Sen. Johnson, for fighting for Wisconsinites and all Americans.

Putin and Xi

If this doesn't concern you, wake up and start paying attention.

This red carpet weirdness would never have happened if the Democrat Cabal hadn't succeeded in rigging the 2020 election and installing Biden as president.

Pentagon: 7-Year-Olds Can Decide to Take Hormones, Puberty Blockers

My heart breaks for children with parents willing to accommodate a 7-year-old's decision to take life-altering hormones.

This is child abuse.

Why aren't the adults who encourage children to consider themselves born as gender mistakes and to damage their bodies in an effort to correct the problem considered domestic terrorists?

If parents go to a school board meeting and voice concern about porn in the school library, Merrick Garland calls for the government to investigate and harass them. They're a domestic threat.

But permitting little children to undergo medical treatment to alter their bodies to appear to be a different gender? No problem. Those adults aren't considered a threat to anyone.

Biden says it's "cruel" and "sinful" to keep a CHILD from taking dramatic hormone therapy and surgically disfiguring their bodies. He's sick. No responsible adult would take that stance.

Our society is frighteningly messed up.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Jill Biden Talks About the Weather

Jill Biden says it's been a warm winter because of global warming in the United States. She sounds like a dunce. Our weather patterns fluctuate. Jill, have you heard of La Niรฑa and El Niรฑo?

I feel like I'm eavesdropping on old coots having the early bird special. I expect a server to walk over and refill their coffee.

The climate has changed FOREVER. It has happened FOREVER. It will happen FOREVER.

We can thank climate change for the natural beauty of our planet.

TikTok CEO Shou Chew Testifies

Shou Chew's testimony should convince everyone that TikTok is a dangerous platform.

Why willingly get in bed with the CCP?

Ban TikTok

TikTok is designed to harm Americans.

Pfizer's COVID Cash Cow


Children's Wisconsin Cancels Al's Run and Walk


A fundraising run and walk DOES engage kids and adults of all abilities.

Why destroy this wonderful tradition?

Is Children's Wisconsin actually making the case that fundraising run/walk events are somehow offensive for failing to engage kids and adults of all abilities?

It's ridiculous. It's tragic that this Milwaukee tradition, one that has taken place for nearly half a century, is being tossed away in the name of inclusivity.

Tom Tiffany: Hunter Biden and America's Two-Tiered Justice System

Tom Tiffany from Wisconsin brings it.

'Banks are Melting'

Well done, Biden. Well done.

Janet Protasiewicz - Fact Check

The First Amendment and the 'Radical Right'

If clinging to the First Amendment, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution make me a member of the "radical right," then so be it.

Infant Formula - Now with Puberty Blockers

Biden would say it's "cruel" and "sinful" to withhold this infant formula from babies.