Saturday, October 16, 2021

Joe Biden - 'We Have a Leadership Problem'

We definitely have a leadership problem. It's Biden.

Andrew McCabe and the Corrupt Deep State

Ron Johnson is right. McCabe's treatment is disgusting. It is "another grotesque example of unequal justice and the corrupt deep state."

Buttigieg - On the Bright Side

When someone takes paternity leave, someone else must take on the absent person's responsibilities.

Buttigieg's paternity leave is no excuse for the Biden Regime's failure to address the supply chain crisis chaos.

If shelves weren't empty and all was well, no one would care about Buttigieg absence.

On the bright side, it's possible that things would be the same or worse if Buttigieg had been working the past two months.

No Questions Biden


Biden owes the American people answers.

Biden probably doesn't want to get in trouble, but that's no excuse.

Biden, Chris Dodd, 'Disrespect a Waitress'

So sleazy.

Biden Reimplements Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' Policy

Biden created his border crisis chaos by failing to leave President Trump's policies in place.

In addition to the "Remain in Mexico" policy, Biden needs to BUILD THE WALL.

Biden's chaotic presidency is a disaster.

Americans were safer and more prosperous when President Trump was in office.

Biden and 'Chansgender Individuals'

Is he thinking about Jackie Chan? I don't know.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Happy National Cheese Curd Day!

Every day is good day to eat cheese curds.

Biden's Mask Panic

Biden can't handle face mask protocol. He certainly isn't running the country.

Biden Yells Inexplicably

Biden is not fit to be president. He's erratic.

He makes President Trump look like a seasoned statesman, oozing gravitas.

Biden Likes 'Kids Better Than People'

So weird and creepy.

This makes my skin crawl.

Who is running the country?

Not the creepy Big Guy.

Biden Makes 'Big Money'

The Big Guy made big money while he was vice president, too. He's corrupt.

President Trump kept his promise to donate his salary.

CNN, MSNBC Lie About Joe Rogan and Ivermectin - SUPERCUT


Democrat/Marxist media are lying propagandists.

What's not funny is that some Americans believe the Democrat/Marxist "news" outlets are offering the truth.


The buck stops with Biden. Does Biden know what that means? It's not that the Big Guy gets his cut.

Ron Klain - Clueless About Average Americans' Struggles Under Biden's Policies

Ron Klain is often considered to be the one pulling Biden's strings.

We all know that Biden is dramatically cognitively impaired. He is incapable of ANSWERING QUESTIONS. The Big Guy refuses to speak to the press because he can't.

We didn't elect Ron Klain. Of course, we didn't elect Biden. He was installed by the Democrat Cabal. No one in the country cast a ballot for Klain to run the country, but here we are.

Klain is apparently as clueless as Biden.

Klain, Psaki, Biden, and the other Marxists don't care about the American people.


Psaki and Hatch Act Violations

Psaki is a liar. The Biden Regime is thoroughly corrupt.

Biden Pushes Vaccines for Children 5 - 11 Years Old

Biden does not follow the science.

Joe Rogan, Sanjay Gupta, Ivermectin, and CNN's Lies

CNN lies. It's a propaganda outlet and must be viewed as such.

Bill Clinton Hospitalized - Sepsis Caused by Urinary Tract Infection

Clinton is responding well to treatment. Good news.

Cargo Ships Wait to be Unloaded

Biden and the Democrats are bad for the American people.

Daddy's Home

This is adorable.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

CNN: Hunter Biden Supercut

Biden's Supply Chain Crisis - Address

The person actually calling the shots as president of the United States is a complete failure, an incompetent fool.

Marxism doesn't work.

Couric 'Protects' RBG

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a justice on the Supreme Court when Couric interviewed her.

If the 83-year-old lady, didn't understand Couric's question about Kaepernick and was clueless about the National Anthem protests, then this brilliant woman with a brilliant legal mind should have been capable of navigating the matter without Couric's "protection."

Couric's presumption was terribly condescending.

Was Ginsburg supposed to be admired and respected for her opinions, or was she a frail old lady who didn't know what was happening?

Couric defined her as the latter.

William Shatner - Oldest Man in Space


Use DuckDuckGo.

Biden's Open Border Policy

Biden is waging war on American citizens.

Elvis Costello: 'Watching the Detectives' - 44 Years Ago

Elvis Costello released "Watching the Detectives" 44 years ago today.

David Bowie: 'Heroes' - 44 Years Ago

David Bowie released "Heroes" forty-four years ago today.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Paul Simon - 80

Paul Simon was born 80 years ago today.


The election in Wisconsin was rigged.

I knew there was no way the Democrat Cabal would permit President Trump to win Wisconsin again. If the votes weren't there, the Cabal would create them.

Biden was installed illegitimately.

Read: Milwaukee Election and Mark Zuckerberg Bucks

Jon Dunwell Flips Iowa House Seat to Red

Fight for freedom. Save the country.

Scott Smith Fights For His Daughter and All Americans

The country is going to hell.

Domestic Terrorists - Warning Signs

Democrats/Marxists are the enemy of the people.

Biden's Ridiculously Light Schedule

Biden is not running the country.

David Bowie in Milwaukee - 47 Years Ago

Forty-seven years ago today, David Bowie performed at the Mecca Arena in Milwaukee.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Supply Chain Crisis

Marxism doesn't work. Democrats are destroying our quality of life.

This crisis must be resolved.

Pelosi: Banks and IRS Spying

Pelosi and the Democrats want to take away your money, your privacy, and your freedom.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes."

Democrats' Radical Spending Bill

The Democrats' $3.5 trillion monstrosity is an all-out assault on the American people and freedom.

Jon Gruden and Hunter Biden

Mark Levin Rips Garland's Memo

Like every Sunday, I watched Life, Liberty and Levin.

He shredded Merrick Garland's memo in his opening monologue and throughout the program.

My favorite moment came at the end of the hour. Levin literally tore up the memo and tossed the pieces.



Southwest CEO Lies About Vaccine Mandate


Jon Gruden Resigns as Raiders Coach

The NFL is a joke. It's a morally bankrupt mess.

Lawlessness and crime are tolerated when it suits the NFL.

In other cases, the NFL doesn't hesitate to cast the first stone. Zero tolerance.

So, that's the sorry state of the NFL and American society.

Kamala Harris NASA Video - Child Actors

They should have held auditions for Kamala's role and found someone capable of playing the vice president.

Biden's Gas War on Americans

Biden's policies hurt lower and middle class families more than the rich.

Democrats are bad for the American people.

Lunch Bucket Joe BS.

Ben and Jerry - No Explanation For Targeting Israel

Frauds. Idiots.

Fauci - Halloween Guidelines

Follow the science, everyone!

Terrifying Halloween Mask

Biden: 'What Am I Doing Here?'

Biden is a mess. His presidency is a lie.

Who is running the country?

George Clooney - 'Knucklehead'