Monday, September 11, 2006

Couric Injects Politics to 9/11 Coverage

It's around 2:30 pm CT.

CBS broke into regular programming to cover President Bush's visit to the Pentagon.

While waiting for the President to appear, Katie Couric started talking about Iraq and Saddam Hussein supposedly having absolutely no connection whatsoever to al Qaeda terrorists.

She quoted from statements that Dick Cheney made the past few days and challenged them.

I think it was highly inappropriate and a disservice to the memory of the 184 people who died on September 11, 2001, at the Pentagon.

Apparently, Couric just couldn't help herself. It was so crass.

After the President and Mrs. Bush placed a wreath at the site, "America the Beautiful" played. Then, they greeted family members of the victims.

Historian Douglas Brinkley and Couric speculated on what President Bush would say in his address to the nation tonight. They talked about how Bush will use the opportunity to bolster support for the War on Terror.

Again, it was political.

What is it with these libs?

On this solemn day, why must they be talking politics?

Why must they view a day of remembrance as a bunch of staged photo-ops?

It's disgusting.

For just one day, can't we put that aside?

Just one day?

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