Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sarah Huckabee Sanders - 'Butch Queen'

Leftists have no qualms about attacking conservative women.

The hypocrites don't stand up for women. They don't care about women. If they did, they wouldn't brutally attack women holding conservative political views.

Ira Madison, writer for The Daily Beast, called Sarah Huckabee Sanders a "butch queen" in a tweet last Friday.

From the Washington Times:

Ira Madison III, an entertainment writer with The Daily Beast, penned this of Sanders, on a tweet to his 47,500-plus followers: “Butch queen first time in drags at ball.”

And he posted the zinger alongside a photograph of Sanders, Fox News reported.
Late on Monday, Madison tweeted an apology to Sanders.

Because Madison is a Leftist, this weak apology ends the matter. After all, conservative women are fair game. They deserve to be mocked and dehumanized.

This isn't the first time Madison has attacked Sanders.

Here's something he tweeted in May:

Here's a tweet from last Friday, the same day he made the "butch queen" remark:

The guy, like many other Leftists, is cruel.

The Leftists' War on Conservative Women is disgraceful.

Pope Francis and Charlie Gard

Kellyanne Conway and Brian Stelter

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, discusses the Trump presidency and Trump's relationship with the media with CNN's Brian Stelter.
Brian Stelter is no match for Kellyanne Conway.

All he can do is talk over her and not permit her to speak, because when she speaks she exposes Stelter as a fool.

Jimmy Fallon: Anthony Scaramucci Deletes Tweets Joke

JIMMY FALLON: Over the weekend, new White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci deleted a bunch of old tweets that were critical of Trump's platform. Trump was shocked. He said, 'You can delete tweets?'

Jimmy Fallon: Sean Spicer New Jobs Joke

JIMMY FALLON: Now that Spicer has resigned there's been a lot of speculation about what he might do for his next job. Well, it turns out he's actually put together a list of options. We got ahold of the list. I'll show you what I mean.

For instance, he could be: A bus driver who's constantly screaming, "Get behind the white line!"

Or, he could become: The author of the book, "How to Age 10 Years in 6 Months."

He could be: The only adult in a Taekwondo class for children.

And finally, Sean Spicer could be: Pull a "Mrs. Doubtfire" and apply to be press secretary all over again as Mrs. Spicingham.

Jimmy Fallon: Sean Spicer Resigns - Jokes

JIMMY FALLON: On Friday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer officially resigned. That's right, Spicer said all the greats always know when to leave - on top. I think it's about time to go.

That's right, Spicer stepped down which means now we have to pretend like he hasn't had his resume ready for five months.

Trump and Boy Scout Jamboree

President Trump addressed the National Scout Jamboree on Monday.

The president received a warm welcome from the scouts.

Here's the full speech:

Dylan Goes Electric, Newport Folk Festival - 52 Years Ago Today

Fifty-two years ago, July 25, 1965, Bob Dylan went electric at the Newport Folk Festival.

So, did people really boo him?

That's debatable.

Whatever actually happened more than half a century ago doesn't really matter.

Dylan's performance is accepted as a moment that changed the history of rock and roll.

Monday, July 24, 2017

National Tequila Day

Schumer Blames Hillary

Jared Kushner: 'I Did Not Collude With Russia'

JARED KUSHNER: Donald Trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign, and that is why he won. Suggesting otherwise ridicules those who voted for him.

Foxconn in Wisconsin

Shark Beats Michael Phelps

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

In the last twenty years, only two women have served as White House press secretary, Dana Perino and Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Perino worked for President George W. Bush, and Sanders works for President Trump.

For twenty years, only Republican presidents have placed a woman in that role.

Minneapolis Cop Mohamed Noor Kills Justine Damond

This story should not go away.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Amy Winehouse

Brewers Win!

The losing streak is over.


Saturday, July 22, 2017

John Heard R.I.P.

Rest in peace.

Elvis Costello: My Aim Is True - 40 Years Ago

Forty years ago today, Elvis Costello released My Aim Is True.

Jimmy Fallon: Melania Trump, Wife of Japanese Prime Minister Joke

JIMMY FALLON: It just came out that the wife of the Japanese prime minister may have pretended not to speak English to avoid talking to Trump at the G20 summit. When asked where she learned that trick, she said, 'Melania.'

Jimmy Fallon: Trump or Zuckerberg 2020 Joke

JIMMY FALLON: A new poll finds that voters are split on whether they'd vote for Trump or Mark Zuckerberg in 2020. I guess voters can't decide if they want a president who spends all his time on Facebook or Twitter.

Friday, July 21, 2017

O.J.'s Future

Reuters Livestream of Spicer's House

These people are insane.

Sean Spicer Resigns

Leftists and other Trump haters, come August, you don't have Spicer to kick around anymore.

Of course, that won't stop them from continuing their kick fest.

John McCain Back Soon

Chester Bennington R.I.P.

Rest in peace.

Jimmy Fallon: O.J., Trump, TV Joke

JIMMY FALLON: A lot of people didn't know how to feel about the news. On one hand, O.J. is a convicted felon. But on the other hand, he managed to keep Trump off TV for a whole afternoon.

The Leftist media are the ones choosing to obsess over Trump. They're the ones losing their minds. It's not Trump's fault they won't accept the results of the presidential election. They've gone off the deep end with the wall-to-wall Trump coverage.

Jimmy Fallon: O.J. Simpson, Parole Board Joke

JIMMY FALLON: O.J. actually video conferenced into his parole hearing today because the board was 120 miles away from his prison. Not a good sign when even the parole board is scared to be near him.

Jimmy Fallon: O.J. Simpson Parole Joke

JIMMY FALLON: O.J. Simpson was officially granted parole today and could be out of jail by October. When asked what he plans to do first, he said, 'Well, catch up on all those shows about O.J.'

T. Rex: The Slider - 45 Years Ago

T. Rex released The Slider 45 years ago today.