Saturday, October 1, 2016

Jimmy Fallon: Hillary Early Voting

JIMMY FALLON: I saw that Hillary Clinton held a rally in Iowa yesterday, and afterwards her campaign drove voters to polling stations for early voting, which is actually just a nice way of saying 'kidnapping.'

Jimmy Fallon: Trump and USA Today

JIMMY FALLON: For the first time in its 34-year history, USA Today weighed in on the presidential race to say Donald Trump is unfit to be president. I guess USA Today thinks if Trump wins, there won't be a USA tomorrow.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Marc Bolan: 69

Marc Bolan was born 69 years ago today.

Trump's 3AM Tweet

Hillary Ad: Trump Bullies Young Girls

I'm not going to defend comments Trump has made about women.

However, where does Hillary get off suggesting Trump doesn't respect women while she was a key player on the Bill Clinton Bimbo Eruption squad?

Bullying? She has to be kidding.

Hillary has waged her own personal War on Women.

At times, both candidates have shown great disrespect for women.

So, there's that.

Obama Waiting on Bill Clinton

When a former president and the current president have different timetables:

The possible First Gentleman is too slow for Obama.


Jimmy Fallon: Hillary and Granddaughter's Birthday Party

JIMMY FALLON: Hillary went to her granddaughter's 2nd birthday party. Apparently, she played her favorite party games: 'Duck Duck Question' and 'Pin the Blame on the IT Guy.'

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Trump and Sexism

Donald Trump is blasted as sexist.

He's on record making negative comments about the appearance of women and using hurtful terms to describe them.

Hillary Clinton, Democrats, and Never Trump people assert that this reveals Trump to be unfit to be president.

We're all supposed to be talking about how Trump treats women. That's supposed to be our focus.

Moderator Lester Holt, during the debate, challenged Trump on Hillary's appearance.

LESTER HOLT: Mr. Trump, this year Secretary Clinton became the first woman nominated for president by a major party. Earlier this month you said she doesn’t have, ‘a presidential look.’ She’s standing here right now. What did you mean by that?

I didn't hear hack Holt ask Hillary any questions about her mocking Trump. She wasn't required to address her remarks in terms of his presidential appearance. Where's the question about how she treats Trump?

Furthermore, it's sexist for Trump's appearance to be fair game but not Hillary's.

His skin is orange. His hair is a joke. He's fat. He has small hands. He's mocked mercilessly, but that's OK.

Charlie Sykes calls Trump the "Orange god" and he's applauded by his Never Trump and Leftist/Democrat allies. He goes on and on about Trump's bad behavior.

It seems that many of these people belong in a basket of deplorables, too. These sexist people behave like it's open season on Trump's appearance while at the same time berating Trump for his sexist remarks based on appearance.

There's a hypocrisy there. See it?

Bottom line: As a woman, I think it's condescending to give Hillary protection from mockery when it comes to her appearance. Discussion of her looks is off limits. Why? Because she's a woman?

That is sexist.

If Trump has to take the abuse, then Hillary does.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Obama Veto Override

Congratulations, Barack!

You've united Democrats and Republicans!

Well done!

Alicia Machado, Trump, and Hillary

That's the way it seems. It's crazy.

It's ridiculous to spend any time talking about this former Miss Universe, but that's not stopping the media.

The fact that Hillary Clinton needs this to attempt to derail Trump's momentum is telling. Hillary is using Machado as a weapon and she's happy to oblige.

I find it extremely disingenuous to be focusing on Trump's treatment of women while completely ignoring Hillary's treatment of women.

She has disparaged women throughout her life, but she gets a pass.

You have Trump complaining about a beauty contestant's weight. He said nasty things about Rosie O'Donnell.

You have Hillary throwing women in a basket of deplorables and calling others stupid. You have her history of degrading women to cover for her husband. That's what she did.

Let's not forget you have Hillary promoting the slaughter of unborn females. Those women should count, too.

Both Trump and Hillary have treated women poorly.


Who should be casting the first stone here?

There are issues far more important than the Alicia Machado story.

If Trump's behavior is supposed to disqualify him, then I guess Hillary's behavior is supposed to disqualify her.

I think it's time to put this crap aside.

Netanyahu Booed at 'Hamilton'

Those Broadway audiences are classy, aren't they?

Shimon Peres

Rest in peace.

Hillary: TPP Gold Standard

Hillary lies.

Jimmy Fallon: Snapchat, Obama Advisor, and Hillary

JIMMY FALLON: I saw that one of President Obama's advisors just left her job to become Snapchat's director of communications. Once she learns how to make messages disappear, she'll go back to the White House and work for Hillary.

Debate: Trump and Media

This is reality.

Bias? What bias?

Give me a break!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Peter Feigin: Milwaukee 'Most Segregated, Racist Place' - Belling Interview

Milwaukee Bucks president Peter Feigin has a problem with Milwaukee.

Feigin, a New York City native, gave a stark assessment of Milwaukee last week while speaking to the Rotary Club of Madison, the Wisconsin State Journal reported.

“Very bluntly, Milwaukee is the most segregated, racist place I’ve ever experienced in my life," Feigin was quoted as saying. "It just is a place that is antiquated. It is in desperate need of repair and has happened for a long, long time. One of our messages and one of our goals is to lead by example.”

Feigin also said the team was committed to help the city, especially in areas like wellness, education and workforce development.

Milwaukee is the most racist place Feigin has EVER experienced?

I assumed rich Feigin would have been a rather well-traveled individual with a wealth of experiences. Milwaukee stands as the most racist place?

That's odd.

But hey, take the tax dollars of the hard-working people of Milwaukee and then slam them.


Feigin is a great ambassador for the city, isn't he?

Let's remember that DEMOCRAT Mayor Tom Barrett has been at the helm of the city since 2004. The city has been in the hands of Democrats and Socialists for more than 100 years.

But don't worry, Milwaukeeans. Barrett says he's "eager" to work with the Bucks on the city's problems.

Barrett said he had a "good conversation" with Peter Feigin Monday, and told him, "I'm happy that you're engaged in trying to improve our community."

The mayor added that work needs to be done to address racial issues in Milwaukee.

"I hope we can change his feelings, but to do that, we've got a lot of work to do," Barrett said. "And I know that, and he knows that."

...Barrett said he believes the Bucks' leaders are committed to working with him to address the city's racial disparities.

"I think anybody who lives here has to be concerned about that, has to be very concerned about that, and I am very concerned about that," Barrett said. "But I also know that in order to change that, you have to have partners. And he and the ownership team seem to be a willing partner."
Oh, my God.

It would have been appropriate for Barrett to defend his constituents and object to the characterization of Milwaukeeans as racist.

Instead, Barrett simply kisses Feigin's ass.

Clearly, Barrett has failed. The DEMOCRATS and SOCIALISTS have failed the city for more than one hundred years.

But Barrett can start to change things because now he has Feigin and the Bucks as partners?

This is pathetic.

Milwaukee is in need of change. It starts with new leadership.



On his radio program Tuesday, Mark Belling interviewed Peter Feigin. Belling gave him an opportunity to explain himself, and gave him credit for actually agreeing to go on the air.

That's really the only credit I can give Feigin. He went on the air to address the matter.

He said he didn't mean to make a sweeping statement about the citizens of Milwaukee. OK. But he did. He called us racists and didn't back down.

Feigin said he's an ambassador for the city. Well. He sucks at that. The "antiquated" Milwaukee can do a lot better than Feigin to boost its image.

When Belling asked Feigin to give a specific example of how Milwaukee is racist, he couldn't. Feigin gave a wishy-washy answer, saying it's about "tonality." He also cited the use of racist language. That, of course, is a very individual sort of thing. Feigin didn't say everyone here engages in racist language. Had he said that, he would have been lying.

Sorry, but if that's the best he can do, if that's all he has to assert, "Very bluntly, Milwaukee is the most segregated, racist place I've ever experienced in my life," that's really messed up.

Bottom line: Milwaukee Bucks president Peter Feigin is a Lefty, with all that comes with it, including saying truly hurtful and truly idiotic things.


Howard Dean: Trump Sniffle, Coke?

Ridiculous, of course.

It's a stupid thing for Dean to say.

However, since Dean wants to go down that path, should we talk about Obama and his drug use?

While preparing for his 2008 presidential run, Obama lied when he presented himself as simply "trying" pot in high school.

In his book, Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, Obama writes about partaking in more than pot.

This is interesting.

Bernard Schoenburg writes:
Obama, 42, told me recently he had tried marijuana in high school and hasn't consumed any illegal drugs in 20 years. When I asked if there was anything beyond marijuana in his past, Obama said, "That'll suffice."

But the book includes a passage in which Obama discusses how he dealt with questions from his mother when he was 17 and a senior in high school. The context of the book also makes clear that he was trying to deal with the problems his race presented.

"I had learned not to care," he wrote. "I blew a few smoke rings, remembering those years. Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it. Not smack, though. ..."

Obama last week apologized for not telling me earlier about his past as portrayed in the book. He said I had caught him off guard with the drug question and that, at the time, he had not wanted to overshadow his story of that day - his endorsement by the Illinois Federation of Teachers.

Besides pot, Obama would use coke when he could but stayed away from heroin. This is on the record stuff from the man himself.

But Trump sniffles and Dean plants the seed that it's due to coke?

Dean owes Trump an apology.

No apology is coming.

It wasn't a joke!

Dean is serious.


Trump and Iraq War Opposition

Presidential Debate Observations: Who Won?

The first Election 2016 presidential debate spin was predictable.

Never Trumpkins on Twitter pummeled Donald Trump during the debate and after, while ignoring Hillary's performance. No balance whatsoever.

Naturally, Hillary supporters attacked Trump and declared him the loser, both throughout the debate and after.

And, of course, Trump supporters stood by their candidate.

Watching the debate, there were many times I wanted Trump to say things he didn't.

When the topic was cybersecurity, how could he not hammer Hillary about her private server and putting our national security at risk?

Trump had opportunities to hit Hillary on Benghazi, but he didn't.

Although Trump did score some points during the debate, there were many more he could have made.

When Hillary brutally attacked him, calling him a racist and a misogynist, he didn't respond in kind. He didn't talk about Hillary's war on women and her role in enabling her husband's abuse of women.

Trump also called Hillary "Secretary Clinton" while she condescendingly called him "Donald."

When Hillary wasn't looking sketchy and shady, she looked smug. Her robotic way of speaking is forced and unnatural. Without question, her responses were too rehearsed. She studied and regurgitated. She was told not to be shrill and to smile a lot. When Trump was on the attack, she would smile more broadly. It was amusing, but creepy.

In her response about crime and the police, Hillary said the cops were in need of training rather than focusing on the inappropriate behavior of law-breaking people. Then, she insinuated that we ALL are racist. We ALL have an "implicit bias."


Speak for yourself, lady. Don't disparage all of us and accuse us of racism.

Also, by any fair analysis, one must conclude that moderator Lester Holt was in the tank for Hillary, giving her a pass on her email scandal and not challenging her when she repeatedly lied.

In sum, what I saw was Trump being Trump and Hillary being Hillary.

Who won? Some will say Trump and some will say Hillary.

Totally predictable.

Although Trump didn't give perfect debate responses, Hillary's statements solidified my Never Hillary position. Her performance reinforced my belief that this woman would be a disaster for the country. Four more years of the Democrat agenda? No way.

There is one way to prevent Hillary from becoming president. Vote for Trump.