Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Tony Evers Wins Democrat Primary for Governor

Tony Evers won the Democrat primary for governor. He'll be challenging Governor Scott Walker.

Thanks to the Democrats and their insane recall effort, Walker has been elected governor of Wisconsin three times.

Democrat Evers lacks sizzle. Well, that's an understatement.

Education is certainly an important issue, but it's far from the only issue.

The state's economic progress under Walker's leadership is undeniable.

Wisconsinites would be crazy to oust Walker and elect Evers as governor.

I know some recent polls show Evers ahead of Walker, but polls also showed Hillary Clinton was guaranteed victory in Wisconsin. Polls showed Ron Johnson was going to lose to Russ Feingold in 2016. Those polls, of course, were wrong.

This is going to be a very tough election.

Money from all over the country will be pouring into the state. The Democrats would love to take Paul Ryan's congressional seat, reelect Tammy Baldwin, and defeat Scott Walker. You can almost hear them drooling over that.

However, in Wisconsin, out-of-state money and the Democrat machine don't translate into victory at the polls.

Scott Walker made history when he won the recall election.

Ron Johnson prevailed in a race the Democrats believed was theirs.

And, in the sweetest upset of all, Hillary Clinton lost Wisconsin to Donald Trump, the first time the state voted Republican for president since Ronald Reagan's 1984 reelection.

On Tuesday, once again, millions and millions of dollars in out-of-state money couldn't deliver victory in Wisconsin. Leah Vukmir defeated Kevin Nicholson.

Yes, lots of money will be spent to elect Democrats in Wisconsin in 2018.

As we've seen again and again, money isn't everything.

Complacency is the biggest problem conservatives in Wisconsin face.

We can win and we will win, but not if we don't vote.

Hopefully, come November, Tony Evers will join Tom Barrett on the list of Democrat challengers rejected by Wisconsin voters and Scott Walker will be delivering yet another acceptance speech.

Woodstock - Day 1 - 49 Years Ago

Forty-nine years ago today, the Woodstock Music & Art Fair opened.

Here's the song that kicked off the festival:

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Leah Vukmir Wins

I am so happy Leah Vukmir has won the Wisconsin Republican primary for U.S. Senate!

In November, a woman will win Wisconsin's election for U.S. Senate.

Let's make sure the winner is Leah Vukmir.

Brewers Beat Cubs, 7-0!

What a great afternoon at Wrigley!

Check out the lucky dragonfly:

Go Brewers!

Note: It's so much more fun to follow the Brewers than Omarosa. Do yourself a favor and go to a baseball game.

Parliament - Terrorism


Today is the primary election in Wisconsin.

It comes down to this: Leah Vukmir can defeat Democrat Tammy Baldwin in November.

She's a true conservative and I trust her to represent Wisconsinites in the U.S. Senate. She's not an Establishment Republican. She's not a Washington insider.

Millions of dollars from Richard Uihlein cannot alter the truth. No attack ad can change the reality of Leah's record in Wisconsin as a reformer. No amount of cash can erase her proven leadership as a conservative.

I know she won't be a weak-kneed, wobbly conservative in Washington. I have complete confidence in her.

I'll be voting for Leah and doing what I can to get others to vote for her as well.

Peter Strzok: Twitter and GoFundMe Accounts

It's disgraceful that it took the FBI this long to get rid of Peter Strzok.

What's with these disgraced FBI guys and their GoFundMe accounts?

From FOX News:

Fired FBI agent Peter Strzok took his anti-Trump rhetoric public on Monday, setting up a defiant Twitter account as a GoFundMe page sought to raise $150,000 to cover his "legal costs and lost income."

Strzok, who played a lead role in both the Russian meddling and Hillary Clinton email probes but became a political lightning rod after the revelation of text messages critical of Trump, wasted no time blasting the administration and House Republicans in his new social media account.

...Strzok's actions on Twitter and GoFundMe have some recent precedent. Former FBI Director James Comey, who was fired last year, was revealed to have a secret Twitter account himself in late 2017.

And former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was fired in March -- just days before he would have been eligible for a lifetime pension -- also set up a GoFundMe account in March. He raised more than a half million dollars before shutting down the account, more than doubling his original goal of $250,000.
Comey, McCabe, and Strzok shamed themselves.

Worse, they shamed the FBI. That's their legacy.


What Really Matters

Monday, August 13, 2018

Penzey Wisconsin Primary Email

Bill Penzey continues to attack potential customers of his spice business.

Apparently, he thinks it's smart to bend over backwards to limit his clientele.

Here's an email Penzey sent to customers on August 9, with the subject line, "Cooks Vote!":

(This is an email we are sending out in our home state of Wisconsin for our upcoming Tuesday primary election. Our plan is to do something like this on a national level come October. The offer is good for all.)

All of us who grew up in the state of Wisconsin grew up in a place we could be proud of. A strong economy based on quality public education, a university system that rivaled the nation’s best, a pro environmental voice heard around the country and around the world. And behind all this was the intentional kindness and caring of our state’s people. The Wisconsin of our youth was a gift given to us by all those who came before that we were obliged to pass on to all those who came after.

Then came the 2010 election. The Republican Party chose Wisconsin to be the test ground for all that unlimited political spending could do. The very same forces that paved the way for what happened nationally in 2016 first tested it all out here. Before the President grabbed the reins, it was our Governor testing out the attack on education, selling out the environment, and even testing the staged racism towards Native Americans. We must address what is happening in the White House, but just removing the tip of the iceberg changes pretty much nothing. For real change we must also address the source, and that’s up to us, the Wisconsin voters.

Penzeys is a Wisconsin business and a national business, too. As a 23-year-old, just starting Penzeys, I thought it would have been easier if my grandparents had chosen a city a little more in the spotlight. Today, I’m convinced if we had been planted anywhere else, finding our way to the business we’ve become would have only been harder. Human kindness really is universal, but growing up in my parents' Spice Store on 33rd & Galena, through our customers I was given the chance to witness a kindness that was also intentional. Through them I learned, when you take the time to care about others the world becomes a better place. That’s a very Milwaukee and very Wisconsin idea.

The fact is Wisconsin wasn’t randomly chosen out of a hat as the test ground for what unlimited political spending could do. We were chosen because of our history. Wisconsin created the Republican Party as a force against slavery. Milwaukee has long embraced compassionate capitalism. If unlimited media buys and the anger of the right wing echo machine could unravel a century of Wisconsin support for education and the environment here, it could be repeated everywhere. So they set off to vilify teachers and turn suburban voters against public education for a $23 property tax cut. Then they went after our state's proud history of environmental protection for nothing more than their own campaign contributions.

At first our desire to see goodness in everyone had us thinking this was just a brand-new governor in over his head. But as time went on and this all only escalated, we saw how incredibly organized the money behind all this was. In time we came to realize there was no goodness here at all, only the strip-mining of the public good to give more to those who were already the wealthiest of the wealthy. There was the thought in 2016 that our now President, with his lack of conscience and willingness to sell out all that is good for his own advancement, somehow surprised the Republican Party. We here in Wisconsin have learned the hard way these are the very leadership values they’ve built their new party model around.

January 21, 2017, the day after the inauguration, the day of the first Woman’s March, many nationally were pleasantly surprised that a Wisconsin Spice business had a symbol that so closely embraced the feelings that had them marching in our Kind Heart pin and in the words: “Kindness can’t sit down simply because anger has stood up.” Testing grounds work both ways. While Wisconsin was the trial run for what the Republicans have now become nationally, we were pushing back against their efforts.

Time and again we found when they go after education, minority rights, the environment, healthcare for those in need, or even now in their taking of children from parents legally seeking asylum, what they are really trying to do is erode our common decency and our shared humanity. For them to win they need us to stop caring. In studying their blueprints, what we’ve found is that their Death Star has no defense against human compassion. Our kindness is our strength. Please use this knowledge any way you can.

This Tuesday in Wisconsin, it’s this message of kindness we must share and continue to share across the nation through November 6 and onward to November 3, 2020. In Wisconsin, it is time for someone with the strength and courage to stand up to outside money no matter the size of the check to be voted the opportunity to govern. Thankfully there are many with this strength and courage on Tuesday’s ballot. If you are in Wisconsin and would like to know more about how and where to vote, please click here.

And Spices, too! It is our values that make us the business we are. It is our humanity that pushes us to reach out and connect and come back with the goodness this world has to offer. Those efforts have just now once again paid off with our brand new Granulated Shallots. I could spend another 900 words on why you should get them, but it would be a lot easier on both of us if you would just trust me and get a half cup $5.95 jar free with $5 purchase. Great for the harvest vegetables of the moment, but honestly there’s not a meat or fish that would not taste better with a few shakes. Start using the Shallots wherever you would use Garlic and see where you end up. A great replacement for Salt, too. Really Good Stuff.

$7.95 Kind Heart Pins, and through Sunday $6.95 value Cinnamon Sugar. Both are free with the same $5 in spending that qualifies you for the free Shallots. And $5.29 Smokey Garlicky Mitchell Street Seasoning, and the $3.95 great flavored reminder Aleppo Pepper, both just $2 each.

No coupon or code is needed for the great price on the Mitchell Street or Aleppo Pepper. Those prices are automatic for all. To get your $5.95 Shallots, $6.95 Cinnamon Sugar and $7.95 Kind Heart Pin, all free with just one $5 purchase in one of our stores just bring in this email, or the coupons above and below and spend $5.

Online at simply spend $5 and then enter 94046C into the apply code box at check out for the Kind Heart Pin, 49155C for the new Shallots and 11855C for the Cinnamon Sugar. No need to place any of these in your basket, the codes will do that for you for free. Shipping and handling will apply, but regular shipping is always free with $30 spending.

Unless I’m missing something, if you are trying to maximize your budget, your best play is to get one $2 Aleppo and two $2 Mitchell Streets to cover your $5 minimum giving you $35.38 worth of Spices and Kindness for just $6. Please share this with those you know who might enjoy a good deal.

Finally, if you are outside of Wisconsin but know of someone who lives here, it would make a difference for you to share this email as an encouragement to vote. From a practical standpoint, getting someone to vote this Tuesday who might otherwise have not almost guarantees their voting November 6. But beyond practical, on a human kindness level getting the chance to vote for an honest to goodness groundbreaking Wisconsin Hero like Tammy Baldwin, even though in the primary she is running unopposed, is just Pure Joy. Don’t ever miss chances for Pure Joy!

Thanks for being the kind of people that showed me the value in caring for others.

You are my heroes,

Oh, please.

Tammy Baldwin is not "an honest to goodness groundbreaking Wisconsin Hero."

That's just nauseating.

Penzey should accept that cooks vote for conservative candidates, too.

Why be so divisive and mean in his sales approach?

Here's a portion of his email sent on August 11:

A history of cooking day after day is proof of an honest commitment to empathy and compassion. Those really are the two values most missing in our President and Governor. On the campaign trail anyone can say anything, but I believe the proof is literally in the pudding. Or in this case, the Arizona Dreaming Avocado Toast. Not to say the others in the primary are not also Cooks, and we all need to agree, whoever wins the primary is very much the best candidate for all of us. That said, there’s a lot to also be said for a candidate that is both qualified and shares your values.

If you are in Wisconsin, please drag everyone around you to vote this Tuesday. If you aren’t in Wisconsin, but know of someone here, please encourage them to vote this Tuesday by forwarding them this email, or hopping on our Facebook page and sharing the post of this email. Thanks!

And if someone asks you why they should vote when this is only a primary, remind them of Tammy Baldwin. Not a lot of bright spots lately in Wisconsin politics. But still, even though she’s running unopposed in the primary, getting the chance to vote for an honest-to-goodness American hero like Senator Baldwin is a treat for us that those in the other 49 states can only imagine. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to feel good about yourself for doing what is right.

Thanks for caring enough to cook and caring enough to vote!

Penzey clearly has decided to limit his business by appealing to the hate Leftists have for Trump, Scott Walker, and the Republican candidates challenging Tammy Baldwin. He thinks he can make more money by trashing many good people.

That's messed up.

There's nothing kind about that, nothing healing.

When Life Begins

Science is a wonderful thing.

Omarosa, Michael Cohen, and Trump Eats Paper

Did he or didn't he?

Omarosa says he did.

Michael Cohen says he didn't.

This is lunacy. It's completely unhinged, all this stuff! They never stop attacking. They've been in full foaming at the mouth mode since the night of Election 2016.

I don't like watching half the country in this prolonged nervous breakdown, but it's so much better than having Hillary Clinton as president of the United States.

The White Supremacist Rally That Wasn't

What did we learn?

The endlessly hyped white supremacist rally was nothing but a handful of nuts.

Antifa and other counter-protesters showed that they are cop-hating, violent, anarchist thugs.

Police officers protecting these thugs exhibited incredible patience and professionalism.

So, that's what happened this weekend. It's an inconvenient turn of events for the Leftist media and other anti-Trump crusaders.

State Fair 2018

I never like the Wisconsin State Fair to close. It signals that the summer is winding down.

Summer is never long enough for me.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Charlottesville Antifa Protesters - Violent Acts Against Media

Jim Acosta, Brian Stelter, and other mouthpieces of the Left insist President Trump's attacks on the media will result in physical violence perpetrated by conservatives.

Looks like the radical Leftists are the ones physically attacking members of the media covering a story.

Where are the reports on Antifa's attacks?

Where is the concern about this assault on the free press?

Will more than 100 newspapers publish editorials decrying Antifa's anti-press rhetoric and Antifa's physical assaults?

Brewers Win!

And the Cubs lost!

Go Brewers!

Darron Breeden - Cheese Curds: 5 Lbs 2 Oz in 6 Minutes

Darron Breeden is the cheese curd eating champion of the WORLD!

The cheese curds weren't fried!

Eating them fresh and squeaky is more difficult than tossing down fried cheese nuggets.

Congratulations, Darron!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Joey Chestnut at the State Fair - Cheese Curds

At noon today at the Wisconsin State Fair, Joey Chestnut, competitive eater extraordinaire, takes on cheese curds.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

The competition will take place at noon Aug. 11 at the Associated Bank Amphitheater at State Fair Park.

Chestnut, of San Jose, California, is the 11-time winner of Nathan's Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

..."Success will need to be earned at The Wisconsin State Fair Cheese Curd Eating Championship,” Major League Eating emcee Sam Barclay said in a statement. “Hand speed will be key, capacity will be a challenge — and every eater’s ability to overcome their dairy tolerance will be put to the ultimate test."

The competition will last 6 minutes. The total prize purse is $4,000.
From Major League Eating:
Major League Eating is proud to partner with Wisconsin State Fair to bring cheese enthusiasts the event of the summer – the inaugural Wisconsin State Fair World Cheese Curd Eating Championship. This event will mark the first time a world record in the cheese curd-eating discipline will be set. Fairgoers and curd nerds alike will rejoice in this gooey goodness, and Major League Eaters from near and far are encouraged to sign up to compete in this history-making event.

The 2018 Wisconsin State Fair, presented by U.S. Cellular, will take place Thursday, Aug. 2 – Sunday, Aug. 12. These 11 days will feature fair favorites like the Giant Slide, Original Cream Puffs, livestock shows in the Case IH Coliseum, flavored milk in the Bucks Milk House and so much more. Although these traditions are must-dos every year, make new traditions this summer with the unique experiences awaiting you at the 2018 Wisconsin State Fair – like the World Cheese Curd Eating Championship.

...Agriculture is not only the backbone of the Wisconsin State Fair, but a cherished tradition. The dairy industry is central in this great state, and this can be seen throughout the Wisconsin State Fair in agriculture exhibits, food products and competitions. Wisconsin cheese has been an agricultural and economic staple since the 1800s. As the #1 producer of cheese in the nation, the dairy industry is a highlight of the Wisconsin State Fair. Home to multiple dairy product competitions, as well as the nation’s largest junior dairy show, Wisconsin State Fair has it all. Whether beer-battered, shredded, grilled or deep-fried, America’s Dairyland is the perfect place for the Cheese Curd Eating Contest of the year. Seriously, no one knows cheese curds like a Wisconsinite.

Who will claim the Wisconsin State Fair World Cheese Curd Eating Championship? Who will walk away with $2,000? Will you be the first woman or man to set a world record in the cheese curd-eating discipline? This is the Wisconsin State Fair World Cheese Curd Eating Championship — at the table or in the crowd, you don’t want to miss it!
Joey Chestnut is ranked first in the world.

On the Fourth of July, he won his 11th title at Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest by downing 74 hot dogs and buns in ten minutes.

How many cheese curds can Chestnut consume in six minutes?

From Food & Wine:

“It's going to be way more cheese than I've ever had,” Chestnut told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Apparently, though he’s eaten cheese curds as a part of a record-breaking poutine eating session, he’s never had the Wisconsin specialty in a competition on their own. He said that he’s been chowing down on chopped up mozzarella to practice.

Though the Major League Eating site has a laundry list of official eating records—including things like cheesecake, chili cheese fries, and Philly cheesesteaks—apparently little precedent for cheese curds exists. Still, Chestnut has his goal set: at least a pound of curds per minute. “If I could do eight pounds, I’d be happy,” he was quoted as saying. “Ten pounds would be really tough.”
Eight pounds?


Omarosa and Frank Luntz

I believe Frank Luntz.