Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Elvira Arellano Reunites with Son Saul

Tragedy? What tragedy?

TIJUANA, Mexico -- Elvira Arellano was reunited here with her 8-year-old son Monday, but the illegal immigrant and activist said the boy will return to Chicago to live with his godmother and begin third grade.

''We've all been living together. He knows his mom is OK. He's going to be sad sometimes,'' said Emma Lozano, the godmother and an activist in her own right.

Lozano drove 8-year-old Saul from Los Angeles to Tijuana, where Elvira Arellano is staying with a friend after being deported from the United States to Mexico.

...Mexican authorities did not know the identity or whereabouts of the boy's father, said Luis Cabrera, Mexico's consul general in San Diego.

...Mexican authorities said the deportation highlighted a need to overhaul U.S. immigration laws.

''It's tragic when a mother is separated from her son,'' Cabrera said.

Well, it looks like that tearful, dramatic goodbye between mother and son was a rather brief separation.

Arellano is choosing to live apart from Saul.

Too bad, Saul can't be with his father.

No one seems to know his name or whereabouts.

That happens, I guess.

Bottom line:

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