Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nancy Pelosi and 500 Million Jobs

Nancy Pelosi has been doing a lot of fumbling and bumbling lately.

This gaffe was truly Bidenesque.

NANCY PELOSI: Every month that we do not have an economic recovery package 500 million Americans lose their jobs. I don't think we can go fast enough to stop that.

Does Madame Speaker know what the population of the United States of America is?

There aren't 500 million Americans!

Amazing that 500 million Americans per month have been losing their jobs.

This economic crisis is far worse than I thought. According to Pelosi, it's so bad that hundreds of millions of people who don't exist are being put out of work.

Very bad.


Joe makes me SIx PACK said...

Don't worry Mary, Joe the Plumber is in DC and is advising the republican party today, so we will be all better now, the world will be saved by this uneducated, fake plumber who qualifies at CATO as an economist

Mary said...

It's very telling that you choose not to address the topic.

What Nancy Pelosi said has absolutely nothing to do with Joe Wurzelbacher. Nothing.

FACT: The Speaker of the House, DEMOCRAT Pelosi, made a stunningly stupid statement.

Lauren Marie said...


Drones cannot stay on topic. They are unaware of their own ignorance so they post nearly illiterate comments about a tangential topic that has absolutely no relevance. They don't care about this country, all they do is sit around unproductive and make asinine comments about REAL Americans like Joe the Plumber. Why is it that when someone asks Hussein a pointed question or makes a truthful negative statement about him, the drones insult and degrade them? It's fine because I ridicule the drones day in and day out. But usually, they're so stupid, it bounces right off and they go back to drone-like worshipping support of Hussein.

Nancy Pelosi is the same type of contemptible elitist with no sense or comprehension of the words that come out of her mouth. As a woman, I am shamed by the pitiful, lack-luster performance by stretch Pelosi day in and day out. (In case you don't listen to Mark Levin, she's called 'stretch' because if she has one more face lift, her eyes very well may bug straight out of her head).

And did you hear about how Obama got 'tired of being at the White House' after less than a week? It seems that he is not as popular as he thought. The EU is pissed, Iran is launching long range missiles into space, and Hussein Obama takes a vacation. That's the kind of performance I will expect from now on when crisis hits. He will run and hide like the coward he is.

Hopefully we can get a halfway decent candidate on the ticket in 2012 and that election could potentially be as much of an embarrassment for Obama as Carter's lost re-election was. But of course, we will have to form a national effort to stop the corruption of the drones who register dead, illegal, or non-existent people. Then ACORN gets a bailout for 5.2 billion. I think this trillion dollar debt plan was basically to pay off all the illegal criminal activity that went on during this past election.

For as rich as Obama is (and pretends not to be), it would be nice if he would use his own money to pay off his criminal friends and leave the taxpayers out of it!