Friday, June 19, 2009

Jessica McBride's Statement

Jessica McBride has issued a statement addressing her affair with Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn.

From 620 WTMJ:

It is because the relationship with Police Chief Flynn has unfortunately become public that this statement is released. This was a deeply personal matter between two adults who have addressed the relationship with those who need to know the details. I am grateful to my family, friends and the many other people who have expressed kindness and support. It is truly humbling.

The romantic relationship did not occur until long after the reporting and editing of the magazine article on Chief Flynn. I completed and turned in the Milwaukee Magazine story on Chief Flynn on Jan. 5, 2009 and a final edit was turned in Feb. 16. The story was in mailboxes in mid-April. At that point, my professional relationship with him had ended.

The romantic relationship with Chief Flynn began in May at Brocach’s Irish pub – four months after I completed and turned in the Milwaukee Magazine article.

Contrary to a media report, I never interviewed Chief Flynn at Brocach’s. Prior to my May social meeting with him at Brocach’s, I only met with and interviewed Chief Flynn once in December 2008 at the police department with other officers and the public information spokeswoman for MPD present. At the time of the Brocach’s meeting in May, I was an academic who no longer covered Flynn and would not ever do so again.

I ask that the media now respect the privacy of all of the parties involved.

In addition to providing a statement, McBride included an e-mail from Ed Flynn to verify her story.

It looks like holier-than-thou, ethical journalism expert Dan Bice has some retracting to do.

This solidifies my belief that Bice would do well writing for a tabloid.

All those who jumped to conclusions about McBride's lack of journalistic ethics need to reassess their criticism.


UPDATE, June 22, 2009: The McBride Affair

And how the Journal Sentinel got it dead wrong.


UPDATE, June 27, 2009: Murphy, McBride, and Bice


Michael Horne said...

Well then, how about her lack of academic ethics?

Mary said...

Academic ethics?

John Foust said...

No, Bice's proper reaction should be to check out the story. Does her explanation hold water? Is it consistent with her other statements? Is it consistent with which stories she was working on, when?

krshorewood said...

Yeah, the TEACHING of ethics, or is it those who can't do, teach?

Mary said...

To John Foust--

Of course. Then he should make his retraction.

To kr--

Are you referring to "academic ethics" mentioned in the first comment?