Friday, June 26, 2009

Obama and Michael Jackson Statement

Question: Will Obama Make A Statement On Jackson?

The White House hasn't yet decided whether Presiden Obama should issue a statement on the death of Michael Jackson.

He was a world-renowned superstar, but there are parts of his life that hardly merit words of tribute from an American President.

In 2005, Jackson was put on trial on charges he molested a 13-year old boy. He was acquitted.

But there were other allegations of improper conduct and strange behavior by the so-called King of Pop.

In 1977, then-President Jimmy Carter faced a similar dilemma after the death of Elvis Presley. The White House switchboard was reported to have been inundated with phone calls urging Mr. Carter to declare a national day of mourning for Presley.

The president eventually issued a carefully-written statement, declaring that Presley was 'unique and irreplaceable' and his music 'permanently changed the face of American popular culture.'

I don't see why Obama can't make a statement praising Michael Jackson.

Obama doesn't hesitate to praise Ted Kennedy, in spite of the drinking and philandering and that incident at Chappaquiddick.

Michael Jackson never left a young woman to die.

If Obama can overlook Teddy's failings, he should be able to get past Jackson's peculiar behavior and the child molestation charges.

If Obama is willing to talk to tyrants, without preconditions, if Obama is so quick to trash America when he's speaking on foreign soil, surely he can say a few nice words about Michael Jackson.


Pressure is on Obama to issue a statement.

From the Washington Post:

It took just hours earlier this month for President Obama to express his sadness to the people of Gabon on the sudden death of notorious dictator President El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba of Gabon.

"His work in conservation in his country and his commitment to conflict resolution across the continent are an important part of his legacy and will be remembered with respect," Obama said. "On behalf of the United States government, I offer my condolences to his family and
to the people of Gabon."

But for the latest monarch to pass -- the King of Pop -- not a peep.

It's been 20 hours since Michael Jackson's sudden death was reported across the globe, sparking worldwide expressions of grief and surprise from the ardent fans of one of music's legendary black performers

But from the commander in chief? No statement has been put out as of this writing. Asked about the lack of one, a White House aide was dismissive, saying that the were many other things going on today.


krshorewood said...

Yet another small minded comment.

Anonymous said...

It is not another small minded comment, she is absolutely right. I am a democrat and have been an avid Obama supporter, however, his lack of action when so many in this country and all over the world are mourning their hero, is telling of how he is showing his true colors; just like every other politician in the world. In fact, the British, French, etc. leaders have all made statements and send condolences, however, in Michael's own country, his own leader, does not think his passing is something he needs to comment on. Politicians and the President, is no different, all just want to stay in office and be re-elected, so Obama walks the line to keep the ignorant pigs and the intelligent in his court. Redneck hillbillies may not care about Michael's death, but they vote just like people whom listened to Michael, and so Obama had his "hoe" basically make some garbage statement and did not even have the decency to come to the podium and make a statement himself, on someone who was and has been more important to people in his country and all over the world for a much longer time than Obama ever was or may ever be.

Mary said...

kr, this is a no troll zone.

You disagree with me. Take the time to explain why. Don't just dump.

Mary said...


Ignorant pigs?

Redneck hillbillies?

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree, and the silence has gone on way too long at this point. That includes Oprah’s silence. Both of these are quite disturbing. They’ve both got speech writers, for crying out loud, and they’re paid to be politically correct when writing words that deal with potentially sensitive issues like the accusations he was exonerated of way back when.

Anyway, I don’t get it and I don’t like it. I think he should read your blog and then read mine, lol!

Anonymous said...

I don't like it either!
I am writing from Japan and leaders here have made public statements on MJ's passing.

Almost a month since he died and people are still talking about him over here as well. He meant a lot to many people around the world. How can BO not see that?