Friday, June 19, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Karaoke - Jimmy Fallon

Last night, Jimmy Fallon did a comedy bit called "Rush Limbaugh Karaoke." Like a number of his bits, Fallon gave it a game show format and used audience members.

Audience members step up to pair beautiful music with the beautiful words of Rush Limbaugh.

Three audience members performed. The winner was decided based on audience applause.

Fallon called the song for the first contestant a love ballad titled "I hope..."
CONTESTANT #1: I hope he fails.
I hope he fails.
If Al-Qaeda wants to demolish
the America we know and love
they better hurry
because Obama is
beating them to it.
What's good for Al-Qaeda is
good for the Democratic party
I hope he fails.

Two more audience members sang Limbaugh's words, and a winner was chosen.

The second contestant's song was called "Sweet, Sweet Sotomayor," another love ballad.
CONTESTANT #2: Obama is the greatest living
example of a reverse racist
and now he's appointed one to
the U.S. Supreme Court.
We are confronting a radical
assault on this nation.
A radical assault today on
the U.S. Supreme Court

The final song was called "I Love America," a haunting love ballad.
CONTESTANT #3: If the population of the U.S.
was suddenly afflicted with plagues
and open sores
that would be fantastic for the Re-pub-lican party
I'm rooting for those
things to happen
I still want Obama to fail.
I love America!

The audience applause meter indicated that Contestant #1 was the winner. He won a karaoke machine. The other two received Late Night t-shirts.

This was a really lame bit.

It was one of the most overtly political comedy segments Fallon has done. Sure, he's done plenty of jokes and topical material; but this one was definitely Left-leaning and Right-bashing, not to mention full of statements taken out of context.

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