Friday, June 26, 2009

Washington Park Pool Mayhem

Speaking of hot weather and thugs, the Washington Park pool had to be closed due to mayhem and fights.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Washington Park swimming pool's evening swim session remained closed Thursday after a ruckus Wednesday evening that involved a lifeguard being thrown into the pool, multiple fights and a 12-year-old girl getting hit by a car.

The incidents led Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke to declare Thursday that future "acts of disorder" at county pools would result in them being closed indefinitely.

"Hot weather is no excuse to behave like a lunatic," Clarke said in a news release.

The Milwaukee County sheriff's office shut down the Washington Park pool around 6 p.m. after hearing reports that a group of teenagers had thrown a lifeguard into the water. Sheriff's office spokeswoman Kim Brooks said some of the male swimmers at the pool started pulling down girls' swimsuits and throwing people - against their will - into the water.

A lifeguard who tried to issue warnings was then thrown in the pool by a group of teens, Brooks said.

When the sheriff's office closed the pool, swimmers dispersed and mixed in with crowds that were in long lines waiting to get into the pool, Brooks said. In the chaos of fights that ensued - including one that involved between 25 and 30 people, Brooks said - a woman who tried to flee in her car struck a 12-year-old girl.

...The driver of the car left the scene after the accident, an action that carries felony charges. Sheriff's deputies tracked down the 30-year-old driver, who said she didn't stop because she feared for her safety.

What a mess!

Who are the bad guys here?

Certainly not the Sheriff and his deputies for closing the pool.

"[M]ale swimmers at the pool started pulling down girls' swimsuits and throwing people - against their will - into the water."

Male teens pulling down girls' swimsuits?

Is the local chapter of NOW going to speak out against this abuse? These male thugs don't respect females.

Facing the threat of being physically attacked and thrown into the pool against one's will is an unacceptable risk to take for people looking for a safe environment to cool off and enjoy themselves.

The bad guys here are the thugs who caused the trouble, not the Sheriff's department that closed the pool.

There's always so much whining about there being nothing for kids to do, no activities. So, they get in trouble. Anyway, that's the excuse.

Swimming is a great activity. Taxpayers fund these pools, paying to give kids and adults the opportunity to stay cool and have fun.

And what happens?


Blame the thugs for destroying the quality of life in Milwaukee.

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