Thursday, July 16, 2009

John Fleming: H.R. 615

The Democrats are exempting themselves from government-run health care.

Rep. John Fleming sees something fundmentally unfair about that, so he's introducing a resolution that would prevent the exemption.

Not one Dem, NOT ONE, will agree to subject themselves to the same health care plan that they are forcing on the American people.

REP. JOHN FLEMING (R-LA): If it's so great for America, why can't Congress be a part of it as well?


Here's H.R. 615.

Here's the list of Representatives who currently support H.R. 615.

I don't see any Wisconsin lawmakers on the list.


Transparency? What a crock!

C-SPAN Challenges Congress to Open Health Care Talks to TV Coverage


Bruce said...

Rep. Fleming
Thank you for your position on the hyprocrisy of Congreemen and Senators voting me a turkey of a Healthcare Bill and expecting to exclude their own participation. I am pleased to note my Congressman (Dan Burton) is a suppoerter and therefore he will have my on-going support. Looks like I might have to find two new Senators.

bsmurdock said...

Bonnie Spencer-Murdock

I wrote my representatives. Lets see what I get back.

I applaud your conviction.

Mary said...

We need to contact our representatives.

That's so important.

Mike M said...

That list link appears to be 404. What's going on?

Mary said...

Thanks for pointing that out.

I've updated the links. They're all working now.

Anonymous said...

This is a House Resolution and has not gone to the Senate so don't write your Senators off (YET). I wrote to my Senators and told them that I strongly support this resolution. I then asked them to submit their own similar resolution to the Senate.

Mary said...

Yes, this is a HOUSE resolution.

Unfortunately, I'm confident that the Wisconsin senators would never sign on to a resolution that would subject them to government-run health care.

No way.

"Socialized medicine for thee, not me."

dome home builder said...

i have a plan to clean up congress

phil curlin said...

It is time to bring the congress back to reality. We need candidates to introduce a bill to take away the ability to receive health care and pensions through the federal employees health care system. We need to restrict congress FOR THE WORKING CITIZENS OF THE 50 STATES.
1. Congress shall not be exempted from any law, except for national security!
2. Congressional members shall not receive any tax exemptions!
3. Congressional members making laws favoring or compensating foreign governments, corporations or non-citizens over the “citizens of the 50 states and territories” shall be guilty of treason, fraud and theft and prosecuted under each offense. This shall include treaties as directed by our constitution!
4. They should be required to purchase health insurance if they desire it, as if they were a “citizen” in a state, “working” for a living and “not” part of a group policy.
5. The candidates should not be allowed to join or belong to the federal employees pension program. They should be required to start an IRA or self contributing retirement program as any individual “citizen” in a state, “working” for a living and “not” part of a group retirement program is allowed to do.
6. They should not be allowed to keep any campaign contributions after the election, they shall have it confiscated by the U.S. Treasury to pay the deficit they have created and campaign donations shall be used specifically for “campaign expenses within their district”.
7. Campaign donations cannot be given or promised until 60 days before any primary election and only until the day before the general election. No donations shall be given, promised or transmitted on any federal property or electronic equipment paid for by tax money.
8. Travel expenses shall be to and from Washington D. C. to their district and 1 ticket a month shall be paid for with the campaign donations confiscated after the election.
9. Congress shall receive their pay in cash weekly, and given a 1099 form at the end of the year. They shall be required to pay matching social security and all applicable taxes as if they were a sole proprietorship business or individual.
10. Congressional members shall be audited in public by the IRS each year and for a period of 5 years after leaving office.
These are just a few ideas, if anyone is interested in forming a committee or group to pursue this let me know. We have to do something if it is not too late already.


Striddy said...

I hope you all realize that members of Congress are already covered by a government-run health care plan, FEHBP.

I like the idea of the resolution is not a bad idea, except it doesn't require anything. It's non-binding, only "urging" representatives. It suggests reps leave their existing federal government-run health plan for a new federal government-run health plan open to all Americans (not just federal employees) should they vote for and pass a bill creating one:

Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that Members who vote in favor of the establishment of a public, federal government run health insurance option are urged to forgo their right to participate in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) and agree to enroll under that public option.

Until it's made binding, this is nothing but an empty stunt, more political grandstanding.

Maybe Dr. Fleming and the other reps in congress that are trying to kill health care reform should take some of his own medicine and give up their federal employee health insurance and buy private plans.

Sal said...

THANK GOD we finally have Fleming and the others with him are showing us their backbone strength to expose the atrocity of this health care bill. The democrats know what a piece of junk it is and that is why THEY WILL NOT ACCEPT THE SAME COVERAGE FOR THEMSELVES AND THEIR FAMILIES!!!! They refuse to answer this simple question: "Why won't you have your family covered under this bill"? But yet,they want to FORCE it on US! I don't want to even get into this Peace Prize crap! ALL the countries that hate AMERICA voted for him for what he is doing to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ONE NATION UNDER GOD! I, for one DON'T WANT THAT CHANGE, but he's doing it, little by little.

Patricia said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Finally found a honest congressman. I honestly didn't think that would ever happen. I'd vote for you anytime.........Pat

craigskaggs said...

In my opinion, a bill without a public option and a requirement that congress, judiciary, the executive and staff be part of the public option is no bill at all. It would just be a way for the insurance companies to add hundreds of thousands of new customers at the taxpayers' expense. The insurance companies have raised premiums 15% already this year. Premiums have doubled over the last five years. Do we really want more of the same? So, either have a public option or no bill at all. Period.

Rob the farmer said...

Does anybody here actually research the things they read on the Internet?