Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Conan O'Brien: Chocolate-Covered Bacon and Wisconsin State Fair

On The Tonight Show Monday, Conan O'Brien gave the Wisconsin State Fair some free publicity.

That's good. Unfortunately, O'Brien once again joked about Wisconsinites being fat.

Not good.

It's a recurring punch line for O'Brien, in spite of the fact that Wisconsin's population is nowhere near being ranked the fattest in the nation.

Wisconsin ranks in the middle, at 25th.

O'Brien's latest Wisconsin fat joke:

CONAN O'BRIEN: The Wisconsin State Fair...

(Some audience members cheer.)

Are you from Wisconsin? OK, then you're going to love this....

Wisconsin State Fair has added chocolate-covered bacon to its menu.

(Audience cheers.)

Yeah, yeah, State Fair officials say that chocolate-covered bacon is perfect for Wisconsin residents who are in the mood for something light.

Wisconsin gets no respect, no respect at all.

More on the chocolate-covered bacon:

Patrice Harris, a fair spokeswoman, said the chocolate-covered bacon will be offered by the Machine Shed restaurant. She said she believed it was the first time the sweet and salty confection will be sold at the fair.

Chocolate-covered bacon is not new. The Minnesota State Fair offered it last year.

The chocolate-covered bacon has also been sold at an amusement park in Santa Cruz, California.

I don't know where it was first made, but Wisconsin isn't the home of the chocolate and bacon treat.

I think Gov. Jim Doyle really should contact O'Brien and tell him that Wisconsin is not a colony of the obese.

Doyle could also ship some chocolate-covered bacon to O'Brien and his writers.

No hard feelings.


Menu: Wisconsin State Fair, Food on a Stick!

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Lee said...

It's just a stereotype, like Brazilians always put on way too much postage and Canadians are afraid of the Dark, Californians are self obsessed.

Mary said...

Brazilians use too much postage?

Canadians and the dark?


I'm not familiar with those stereotypes.

I don't consider Hollywood personalities being self-obsessed to be a stereotype, but I haven't heard jokes about Californians in general being self-obsessed.

Wisconsinites as fat and unhealthy is something that's been a punch line for years.

I've heard it on The Simpsons. Leno used to say it often.

O'Brien needs to get the memo that Wisconsin is not the nation's mecca for fat people.