Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fact Check: Premiums Will RISE Under ObamaCare

In Ohio on Monday, Obama said:

[M]y proposal would bring down the cost of health care for families, for businesses, and for the federal government. So Americans buying comparable coverage to what they have today -- I already said this -- would see premiums fall by 14 to 20 percent -- that’s not my numbers, that’s what the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says -- for Americans who get their insurance through the workplace. How many people are getting insurance through their jobs right now? Raise your hands. All right. Well, a lot of those folks, your employer it’s estimated would see premiums fall by as much as 3,000 percent, which means they could give you a raise.

He flubbed up. Premiums will most definitely not fall by 3000 percent.

A White House spokesman clarified. Obama meant to say annual premiums would drop by $3000.

What Obama actually meant to say is also a load of crap.

The Associated Press did a FACT CHECK on Obama's claims and Obama doesn't pass the test.

Buyers, beware: President Barack Obama says his health care overhaul will lower premiums by double digits, but check the fine print.

Premiums are likely to keep going up even if the health care bill passes, experts say. If cost controls work as advertised, annual increases would level off with time. But don't look for a rollback. Instead, the main reason premiums would be more affordable is that new government tax credits would help cover the cost for millions of people.

Listening to Obama pitch his plan, you might not realize that's how it works.

Visiting a Cleveland suburb this week, the president described how individuals and small businesses will be able to buy coverage in a new kind of health insurance marketplace, gaining the same strength in numbers that federal employees have.

"You'll be able to buy in, or a small business will be able to buy into this pool," Obama said. "And that will lower rates, it's estimated, by up to 14 to 20 percent over what you're currently getting. That's money out of pocket."

And that's not all.

Obama asked his audience for a show of hands from people with employer-provided coverage, what most Americans have.

"Your employer, it's estimated, would see premiums fall by as much as 3,000 percent," said the president, "which means they could give you a raise."

A White House press spokesman later said the president misspoke; he had meant to say annual premiums would drop by $3,000.

It could be a long wait.

"There's no question premiums are still going to keep going up," said Larry Levitt of the Kaiser Family Foundation, a research clearinghouse on the health care system. "There are pieces of reform that will hopefully keep them from going up as fast. But it would be miraculous if premiums actually went down relative to where they are today."

The statistics Obama based his claims on come from two sources. In both cases, the caveats got left out.

In short, Obama is misleading the public.

Either Obama is ignorant about the facts or he's intentionally being deceptive.

Either way, it's bad.

This guy is so desperate to pass a health care bill, any bill, that he's willing to lie to the American people.

Very bad.

Two important things to remember:

1. Health insurance premiums are likely to RISE under ObamaCare.

2. Obama is dishonest.


jimspice said...

You're an AP fan now? Nice to see that you now apparently accept the findings of the recent AP global warming fact check.

Mary said...

Come on.

I frequently cite AP articles.

Some I criticize. I some I don't.

When the lib hacks at AP call out Obama, you know he really flubbed up.