Monday, September 13, 2010

Tea Party White Myth

If we're to believe the Democrat Party and their hacks in the liberal media, the Tea Party is a pack of racists. No people of color are drawn to the movement.

Here's the myth destroyed.

MRC Video.

It's disgraceful that the very people claiming to be colorblind and post-racial are the ones smearing the Tea Party activists as racists.

Quite simply, it's a lie.

The Dems' smear tactics won't work.


Whitey said...

Who gives a f*** if it is predominately white or not? At the end of the day, it does not matter to progressives as they will say and do anything to smear whites and tea party activists. You, and many others who have been brainwashed, are falling into their trap.

jimspice said...

How many minorities can you find in the pictures from the Racine 9/12 rally you posted to earlier. Or how about the event from earlier this year:

On the stage doesn't count.

Mary said...


Brainwashed? I think not.


The link you posted brings up a photo that's a close-up of a speaker with very few other faces.

Not a good choice to prove your point.

jimspice said...

It's a slide show. You can click the little forward and backward buttons.

Mary said...

I wouldn't expect the JS to publish images that show the diversity of the Tea Party movement.

That would be too honest and require some journalistic integrity.