Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chris Larson: Republicans Dropping Puppies

Wisconsin State Sen. Chris Larson is truly a disgrace.

How does the guy thwarting the democratic process respond to the Republicans' resolution to hold him and his colleagues in contempt of the Senate?

He vilifies and denigrates Republicans.

Larson tweets:

...and Senate Republicans have officially gone 'round the bend. Next up, dropping puppies from the top of the Capitol onto protestors.

Expecting elected officials to remain in the state to do what they were elected to do, serve as legislators, is NOT akin to "dropping puppies from the top of the Capitol."

What a sick thing to imagine!

Hey! Larson!

We had an election. The people of Wisconsin voted.

Man up and do your job. Follow the rules. Obey the will of the people. Have respect for our government. Show some respect for Wisconsin voters.

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