Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Obama: 'Shovel-Ready' Laugh

Obama has a bizarre sense of humor.

He makes weird jokes at inappropriate times.

He laughs about the disastrous economy.


On 60 Minutes in March 2009, Obama couldn't contain himself when talking about the struggling banking industry and the ailing auto industry. He explained his odd laughter as a bit of "gallows humor," necessary to get him through the day.

He may like "gallows humor," but it looks terrible to see him laughing about the economy and the fruits of his horrible policies.

Yesterday, Obama got a laugh out of "shovel-ready jobs" not being so "shovel-ready" after all.


Obama's failed stimulus isn't a laughing matter. This failure of a president shouldn't be cracking jokes about what a mess he made.


ALH said...

Between things like this and video of Democrat protesters acting like thugs in Madison, I would hope conservatives will at least have some entertaining/effective campaign ads over the next several months!

I'm thinking this clip, paired with pictures of people in unemployment lines, empty factories, and high unemployment numbers flashing across the screen would be a good place to start.

Mary said...

This clip is begging to be used in a campaign ad.

What was the allegedly brilliant Obama thinking?