Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Walker, Special Olympics, Protests (Video)

Although the Leftist, anti-Scott Walker protesters in Madison love to chant, "SHAME, SHAME, SHAME," it's clear that they are shameless.

These protesters thought it would be appropriate to target Governor Scott Walker as he gave a speech at a Special Olympics event at the Capitol in Madison.

Really? Disrupt a Special Olympics event to satisfy their own agenda?

The MacIver Institute is tweeting photos of the protest.

Union protesters picket the Gov. Walker's speech at a Special Olympics ceremony in Madison

Classy union supporter picketing Gov. Walker's speech at Special Olympics ceremony.Dozens of kids here

Pro-union Zombies protest Gov Scott Walker at Special Olympics event at State Capitol

As Gov Walker began speaking to Special Olympians, #wiunion zombie protesters walk in front of athletes

The protesters stepped in front of the athletes as Gov. Walker began to address them!

That is disgusting.

Why make the kids involved with Special Olympics suffer? Why disrupt their event?


Here's video, from MacIver Institute:

Again, disgusting.

This really makes me sick. It's such an inappropriate display, incredibly selfish and thoughtless.

It truly reveals what these Leftists are all about -- THEMSELVES.

Someone on the Left should speak out against these disgraceful tactics and apologize for the actions of their comrades.

Support the Special Olympics.


UPDATE, June 9, 2011: Protest organizers disavow Special Olympics demonstration

Opponents of Gov. Scott Walker were backing away from a demonstration against him held Wednesday at a Special Olympics event, even as organizers of the ceremony said the protesters did not disrupt it.

Also Wednesday, state Capitol Police removed a dozen protesters dressed as zombies from the office of Rep. Robin Vos (R-Rochester) on Wednesday and arrested them.

Matt Guidry, a spokesman for the United Council of University of Wisconsin Students, which organized the Vos protest, said his group did not back the demonstration during the noon hour Special Olympics ceremony attended by Walker, though some of the same zombie demonstrators were involved.

"That was not associated with anything that United Council was doing," Guidry said. "That doesn't make us look that good."

...Rachel Grant, a spokeswoman for the Special Olympics, said officials were nervous when the zombie protesters first arrived but they turned out to be peaceful.

"We were all a little bit on edge, but it turned out for the best," Grant said. "Nothing was disruptive at all."

Kelly Kloepping, another Special Olympics official, said the protesters were respectful and did not diminish the excitement the Special Olympians felt about being in Madison to meet Walker and other leaders.

"We feel it's really about the athletes," Kloepping said. "We knew the protesters were there, but they were respectful of our athletes."

State Treasurer Kurt Schuller, a GOP official whose daughter was a Special Olympics competitor, denounced the demonstration in a statement.

"To be confronted by protesters, who will never understand the personal challenges that these Special Olympians face, who decided to politicize a nonpolitical event, shows a complete lack of civility when civility is something we should all be working toward," he said.

A few things--

---This story is national. Otherwise, I doubt protest organizers would distance themselves from this disgrace.

---It's amazing to me that the Journal Sentinel was able to dig up comments by Special Olympics officials practically praising the Zombies and other protesters.

"Nothing was disruptive at all."

"[T]hey were respectful of our athletes."

WHAT? They can't be serious!

That is very weird. Really bizarre.

How can standing between the Governor and the athletes be deemed respectful? How can that be deemed to be not "disruptive at all"?

I'd be very interested to know if the national office of Special Olympics has the same take as these "officials."


Dan H said...

Looks like a lot of people were using the Special Olympics event for their own personal agenda, that includes the author of this blog.

Mary said...

Yeah, right.

The Hitler-esque Walker was using the Special Olympians as props, to advance his own political persona. He really hates kids. He's evil.

And I'm spinning the utter inappropriateness of the protesters' behavior to promote the evil Walker and to diss unions and other Leftists.

I'm not sincerely disgusted by the protesters' disruption of the Special Olympics event.

Give me a break!

Check out my other posts on Special Olympics. I'm an advocate for the organization.

jeff said...

shorter Dan: Pointing out rude behaviour is EXACTLY LIKE said behaviour.

Sheldon said...

What UNIONs were there? you make a statement about union protesters but no union signs no union shirts no union representation of any kind but you ASSUME. Know what ASSUME means. your just as bad as the video of the protesters in wisconsin with palm trees in the back. shame shame shame on you.

Brittany said...

I heard about this today and found it absolutely sickening. These participants work all year- and often for many years- for this opportunity. But nothing is sacred for these immature morons. They are an embarrassment to Madison and certainly an embarrassment to their cause.

Dan- judging by what you say, simply stating an opinion means one is using something for one's "personal agenda." You're using someone's dismay at this rude behavior as an issue for your own agenda. So if that was an attempt at an insult...try again later?

Mary said...

I'm not surprised the Leftists are coming to the aid of their protesting comrades.

There's a reason they're attempting to do damage control -- the protest was SO damaging to their cause. The behavior of the protesters was SO outrageous and boorish.

It was an inexcusable stunt. Nothing will change that.

This statement by "jeff," in support of "Dan H," is ridiculous:

Pointing out rude behaviour is EXACTLY LIKE said behaviour.

With all due respect, that couldn't be more wrong.

Is saying that Anthony Weiner's behavior was despicable "EXACTLY LIKE" actually engaging in the behavior?

Of course not.

Expressing my dismay at the protesters' awful behavior is most definitely not the same as if I stood in front of the Special Olympics athletes as the Governor of their state was honoring them.

The protesters did a horrible thing. Any person with a shred of decency should be able to understand that and be willing to admit that it was wrong.

JB said...

I'd guess the protesters chose this event because it's one of the few times the governor has appeared outside the Capitol in Madison. He usually attends only corporate events it seems.

Mary said...

Not even remotely true.