Thursday, August 18, 2011

Obama: Waffles, Wyffels

Would the most brilliant individual ever to have held the office of president of the United States make such a stupid mistake as calling the Wyffels of Wyffels Hybrids, Inc. "waffles"?

You wouldn't think so, but the supposedly great Obama did exactly that.

He screwed up - again.

I wonder if the White House regrets reaching out to the company, asking Wyffels Hybrids to host a town hall meeting at a stop on Obama's taxpayer-funded campaign bus tour masquerading as presidential business.

Obama couldn't even get the name of his hosts right, because he was hungry.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

The White House reached out to Wyffels Hybrids to host a town hall meeting with President Obama just a few days ago. A good guess why the company was picked for the Wednesday event: it is a large area employer, family owned with an obvious rural connection--and plenty of room to hold people, press and the president.

Wyffels makes corn seed and stacks of bags on pallets surround the area in the production facility where Obama is going to speak. The company is 65 years old this year. The company is a large local employer--about 110 in Atkinson and at its headquarters in nearby Geneseo. Most of the product is sold in Illinois, Iowa, Ohio and Minnesota.

Watch Obama deliver his remarks, thanking the "waffles" and talking about pie:

OBAMA: I, I, I want to thank the waffles family for, uh...

(Audience groans, shouts "Wyffels.")

Wyffles, rather, excuse me. I haven't had lunch.

Obama didn't realize he called the company "waffles."

At least the audience stopped Obama in his tracks, not allowing him to continue his remarks until he corrected his big screw-up.

Was that disrespectful, shouting at the president until he got the name of the company right?

A couple of days ago, Ryan Rhodes, a Tea Party activist, was ridiculed and called disrespectful by Leftists for challenging Obama at a town hall event for asking a legitimate question.

Will the people at the Atkinson, Illinois event receive the same treatment?

For years, the Leftists have mocked President Bush for making verbal slips, calling him stupid and unable to read. They do the same to other conservatives as well.

Obama, of course, gets a pass from these same Leftists.

Double standard.

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