Sunday, November 6, 2011

SNL: Polish Sully

This is the weekend we turn back the clocks, the end of daylight saving time.

Saturday Night Live also turned back the clock, the comedy clock, by resorting to lame Polish jokes.

Ethnic slurs - hilarious!

On "Weekend Update," Seth Meyers mocked the emergency landing of a Polish LOT Airlines Boeing 767 in Warsaw earlier this week. The jet had 231 passengers on board.

I doubt that Meyers would have made his tasteless Polish jokes if the pilot didn't succeed in bringing the plane safely to the ground without functioning landing gear.

Since 231 people weren't killed, apparently the SNL writers thought it would be smart to seize the opportunity to exploit the incident to diss Polish people again.

SETH MEYERS: A pilot from Poland is being called the 'Polish Sully' after he safely landed a jetliner in Warsaw that had a malfunctioning landing gear; although 'Polish Sully' sounds suspiciously like a pilot who may have just forgotten that his plane had landing gear. And not to get overly technical, but I believe a 'Polish Sully' is when you land a boat at an airport. Again, not to get technical.

Captain 'Sully' Sullenberger weighs in on dramatic airplane landing in Poland

From December 2010, another Polish joke on "Weekend Update":
SETH MEYERS: A new book called Columbus: The Untold Story claims that Christopher Columbus was not Italian, but actually the son of an exiled Polish king. Well, that would certainly explain why he missed India by 15,000 miles.

A Polish joke?

Not cool.


The Polish joke begins at about 00:25.


Michael said...

Seth Meyers' anti-Polish slurs proves he's an anti-Polish Bigot.

Its disgusting Seth Meyers would resort to racist "Polish jokes" to attack a positive story about a hero Polish pilot.

Late Night NBC-TV been bashing Polish people with these ethnic slurs for 4 decades.

"Polish joke" origin is Nazi propaganda.

Why doesn't Seth Meyers and NBC-TV disclose the Nazi origin of "Polish jokes"??

Slapstick said...

If Meyers was a passenger on that flight, would he repeat this joke to the pilot's face? If so, the pilot should simply open the closest door and dump Meyer's racist ass right out of the plane. If in Meyers' view the Polish pilot is so worthy of humor, then Meyers should be more than welcome to try landing on his own. Actually, it would be hilarious if Meyers one day found himself on a plane about to crash. The irony of this joke flashing before his eyes in the last 10 seconds of his life... Priceless. Nothing funnier than a smug a**hole given a taste of his own medicine.

American News said...

Seth Meyers is a disgusting NBC-TV Anti-Polish Bigot.

Its amazing that NBC-TV would keep carrying this anti-Polish vendetta of theirs for over four decades.

What did the Polish people ever do to NBC-TV or Seth Meyers?

NBC-TV Anti-Polish Bigots like Seth Meyers and his predecessor Amy Poehler are a bunch of left-wing Media Nazis.

NBC-TV is the same network that took out "UNDER GOD" in its pledge of allegiance to America this past summer.

These people at NBC-TV not only hate America but also one of America's good allies, Poland.

NBC-TV's hatred of America and Poland are some of the reason why people joke about N.B.C. standing for, the NAZI BROADCASTING CORPORATION.

Polish Mama on the Prairie said...

This was on SNL? Not surprised, SNL has always made jokes at the Poles expense. I don't watch the show for a reason. Because I'm too intelligent for their cheap comedy.

Anonymous said...

On the Dec 14, 2013 SNL Weekend Update segment, Seth Meyers had John Goodman play "Drunk Uncle's Drunk Uncle" and say a joke to Seth Meyers...Why is Santa Claus so stupid? Because he is "North Polish".

Some say SNL/Seth Meyers/Lorne Michaels might have been encouraged to push this anti-Polish Hate joke by watching ABC-TV's Jimmy Kimmel attack Poles on Dec 4, 2013

Mary said...

I saw that SNL segment and I heard the joke. It really ticked me off. I thought, 'Here we go again.'

I'm not looking forward to Seth Meyers taking over for Jimmy Fallon when he gets The Tonight Show.

Anonymous said...

To Mary,

Polish Americans and their friends should use social media like Facebook, twitter, and other internet media to denounce TV Poland-Haters like ABC-TV's Jimmy Kimmel and NBC-TVs' Seth Meyers and NBC-TV (some Polish Americans joke NBC-TV is the NAZI Broadcasting Company for its decades of Nazi anti-Polish hate jokes).

Polish people should not pull any punches and state that Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Meyers are anti-Polish Bigots that uses NAZI subhuman intelligence hate jokes against Polish people...that they RENAMED as "Polish jokes".

If there is a enough criticism of these TV anti-Polish Bigots on the internet....they will start to be associated with the words that describe them (Jimmy Kimmel & Seth Meyers).....NAZI HATE JOKES, ANTI-POLISH BIGOT, POLISH-HATER, etc.