Wednesday, January 4, 2012

'Barrett Saves Milwaukee'

Mayor Tom Barrett, the sort of wannabe governor of Wisconsin, is in a bind.

I don't see how Barrett could possibly present an effective challenge to Scott Walker in a recall election.

Barrett hasn't accomplished much as mayor of Milwaukee, and what he has achieved is the result of Scott Walker's policies.

Wisconsin Club for Growth explains in an e-mail:

Dear Friend,

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has become the official poster child for Governor Walker’s budget reforms. That’s right. The unfailingly liberal mayor took a right turn on public employee benefits, and used the Governor’s reforms to save taxpayers $25 million a year.

In fact, during the debate over collective bargaining changes, Barrett even said the law requiring public employees to contribute to their health care and pension benefits didn't go far enough because it excluded police and firefighters. Barrett complained that they were receiving “Cadillac benefits".

Last but not least, Mayor Barrett sought to use the Governor's reforms in order to get around a ten year old legal settlement with city workers. "It is my hope that all public employees should be required to pay more toward their pension," Barrett wrote in a letter to Governor Walker.

The Wisconsin Club for Growth thanks Mayor Barrett for helping Governor Walker make his case. More importantly, we thank him for saving Milwaukee taxpayers as much as $36 million in 2012 through health care benefit changes he didn't have to negotiate with unions, as a result of Governor Walker’s reforms.

Today, the Wisconsin Club for Growth launched several billboards in Milwaukee to thank Mayor Barrett--- for using Governor Walker's reforms! Now we need your help to keep them up.

Please donate to Wisconsin Club for Growth today, and share this email with your family and friends.

Let’s help Mayor Barrett spread the good news that Governor Walker’s reforms are working!!!

Thank you,

Wisconsin Club for Growth

Barrett has presided over the decline of the city of Milwaukee.

His record as a leader capable of producing solutions is nonexistent.

He's been a disaster.

And we should hand over the state of Wisconsin to the guy???

Uh, no.

Barrett should never be governor of the state. He shouldn't be mayor of Milwaukee.

Barrett is not about hope and change.

Barrett is about despair and decline.

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