Thursday, January 19, 2012

Marianne Gingrich, Open Marriage

I've never been divorced.

I experience the torture of marriage daily, but not the pain of divorce.

I've never been in Marianne Gingrich's position so I can't be sure how I'd react. I do feel sorry for her because obviously she hasn't moved on with her life. After all these years, she still wants to stick it to Newt.

Does Marianne feel better after her session with Brian Ross?

I doubt it. It seems like she'll be miserable for the rest of her life. Very sad.

I think of how Hillary Clinton reacted to Bill's serial infidelities. She moved on, and she's still technically married to him. (Do not confuse the Clinton's personal marital stuff with Bill lying under oath and his effort to obstruct justice.)

People respond to these things differently, I guess. And of course, everyone's circumstances are unique.

For me, open marriage, meaning not being monogamous while remaining married, is not an option. That's against my religious beliefs.

However, forgiveness is important in my faith. We all make mistakes. Using the religious vernacular, we all commit sins. I know how difficult it can be to truly forgive someone.

Clearly, Marianne Gingrich hasn't forgiven Newt for his indiscretions.

Don't misunderstand, I'm not defending Newt. His unfaithfulness is part of his history. He has to live with that.

I feel sorry for Marianne. She's bitter. She's vindictive. The fact that she's willing to blab her personal story to the media is unseemly. Jackie Kennedy didn't run to the press to air her personal grievances, before or after President Kennedy's death.

Marianne is acting as a political pawn, hoping to derail his campaign. She's willing to be used. The Leftist media are eager to give her a platform, anything to assist the Obama reelection effort.

Oh, well, no one's perfect. Newt isn't and neither is Marianne. None of us are perfect.

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