Sunday, February 5, 2012

SNL: Newt Gingrich, Moon President (Video)

Saturday Night Live opened with an especially lame sketch.

Newt Gingrich, played by Bobby Moynihan, was the leader of a colony on the Moon.

Bill Hader was the "Reagatron 3000," Gingrich's trusted robot advisor.

Kenan Thompson was the sex-obsessed Herman Cain.

Jason Sudeikis was Mitt Romney, wearing a flowered dress.

Kristen Wiig played Callista Gingrich.

The sketch was particularly mean to Gingrich's wife.

After the group witnesses the earth destruct, Callista suggests an open marriage to start a new civilization on the Moon, saying "it's a perfectly reasonable request for a man to ask of his wife."

Why target her for attack?

I don't recall SNL ever portraying Michelle Obama in a derogatory way.

Here's video:

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