Monday, April 9, 2012

National Day of Action - New Black Panthers

The New Black Panther Party has organized a National Day of Action for April 9th. The radical group is calling for "Justice for Trayvon."

What sort of action? Actually the protest is more about inaction.

No school. No Work. No shopping.

From Gateway Pundit:

George Zimmerman is shown in the crosshairs, but the target isn't only Zimmerman.

The New Black Panther Party is calling for a "race war" and the abolishment of capitalism.

Listen to the insanity, the racism, the hate.

From Breitbart:

Why isn't this stuff being covered by the mainstream media?

Why isn't this side of the Trayvon Martin case getting any attention?


dmarks said...

The Black Panthers are a Klan-like group that represent the worst in society.

No work? Way to go in this environment of unemployment. Encourage people to loaf instead of work and risk getting fired.

No school? This group despises education.

No shopping? Of course. These thugs would rather steal.

chris said...

Well April 9 came and gone and nothing but words. No Work No School No Nothing. Just like any other day when all you do is smoke that crack Pipe. You talk about education and blame everyone else but yourself and say you can make more money and do no work selling drugs but again you blame everyone else. Stop making up excuses and asking for hand outs. Get off you lazy ass and go to school or work and do something for yourself with out asking for hand outs. YOU are the cause of racism because you just want to blame all others for your failures. There are plenty of Black people who have made it do to hard work and going to school so it came be done. STOP blaming anyone but yourself.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to listen to this rant, but I understand, given the history of this country and the holocaust upon Africans that took place for over 200 years on this soil. We are not unified as a people. We have a long way to go. The divisions in our country, racially, politically, socio-economically are blatant and unjust. I don't believe in violence. I do believe in honesty, I believe that white people today have totally disconnected themselves from our collective history. I'm a southern white woman with blue eyes. The divisions within our country are not acceptable to me. I am not living the life of an African American, but I see the injustice and I want it to end. I would like for people to recognize that we are still living with the effects of slavery today. There is a reason why African Americans are still not equal 50 years after the civil rights movement. Our country is still politically divided along the same lines we were prior to the Civil War. Until we have the conversation in this country, many people will not recognize it within their own beliefs. I don't believe a murderous war between the races will bring us together. White people don't fully understand the ongoing divisions within the country. They will not understand why black people would suddenly be rising up. The opportunity to be as one would be lost for years ahead. Every fear and stereotype would be justified, no real progress would be made. The white man is not conscious of his belief in inequality, it is an unconscious acceptance of what pervious generations believed as truth. It happens within black culture as well- your darkness or lightness carries meaning within your race. Lighter skinned blacks are treated more favorably, and are perceived as more intelligent than darker skinned blacks. This links back to life on the plantation. We are not our skin, we should not be divided by it. You have to understand that consciousness is rising up- many of us are recognizing the injustices and are trying to fix it at its core. There will be justice, but the consequence of blood on your hands runs deep. You have every right to be angry, but be the better people. Know that what is most important is within, "for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap." I will continue to seek out ways of creating greater unity and I send you love.