Saturday, May 19, 2012

SNL: Mick Jagger and Mitt Romney (Video)

Mick Jagger, host and musical guest of the season finale of Saturday Night Live, performed Rolling Stones classics with Arcade Fire and Foo Fighters.

He also performed a blues song he wrote about the presidential election, called "Tea Party."

Accompanied by Jeff Beck, Jagger took jabs at Mitt Romney.

Here's video:


If you want to sleep in the West Wing
Yeah, you got to strategize a bit
Yeah, you want to sleep in the West Wing
You want to keep that private bowling alley
You got to strategize a bit
Yeah, you're gonna have to raise about a hundred million dollars
Or you're gonna end up so deep down in the sh*t

Yeah, Mr. Romney, you know, he's a mensch
But he always plays it straight up there
Yeah, Mr. Romney, he's a hard workin' man
And he always says his prayers
Yeah, but there's one little thing about him
Don't ever let him cut your hair

Who'll be the president come November?
Well, it's anybody's guess
Who'll be sitting in the Oval Office?
Who can say? I must confess
I betcha, betcha six months he'll be screaming
Won't you let me outta this mess

If Jagger did say "sh*t," and it sure sounded like he did, NBC didn't bleep it.

Where was the verse about Obama?


Jessica said...

There's no equal time mandate here; Mick was not obligated to denigrate Obama too. Free speech, anyone? Jagger's obviously anti-Romney and pro-Obama. Nice to know he's a representative of at least one kind of sensible sixty plus-er.

fit frank said...

Sounds like an endorsement of Romney to....everyone.