Friday, November 16, 2012

Scott Walker: ObamaCare, No State Exchange

I am in complete agreement with Governor Scott Walker's decision to let Obama implement ObamaCare.

Since the federal government will be calling all the shots, there is no reason for our state to take responsibility.

Charlie Sykes writes:

Here is the real key to the decision:

"I'd much prefer control at the state level," Walker told The New York Times, "but the problem is, I don't think they are really state-run."

"Why do I want to take on the potential risk to my taxpayers if I don't really have any true authority about what's going to happen?" Walker added.

The bottom line here: the state-run exchanges would be "state-run" in name only. They would have responsibility, without authority, simply providing the illusion that Obamacare is something that it is not.

Walker's decision is likely to be distorted by critics (that goes with the territory.) But it neither defies the federal government nor refuses to comply with the law. Walker is well within his rights -- and the law -- to defer to federal control of a program that is federally controlled from top to bottom.
ObamaCare is a federal law.

Obama is not giving the states "flexibility." (We know how much Obama cherishes "flexibility," having the freedom to impose his will on Americans with impunity. Putin knows.)

Let the feds figure it out. They forced ObamaCare on Americans. They control it. They can make it happen. Have at it.

Gov. Walker had three options under the law and he made his choice, the right one.

No problem.

He's not defying the law. Walker is fully complying with the law.

Have fun, Feds!

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Tim Enk said...

Go Scott Walker!! I am proud to say I am from Wi now that walker is in office. The feds wanted obama care, now let them figure it out. Now that Mr Obama and his posse (mainstream media) are claiming the economy is doing great, he has created millions of jobs and he turned the auto industry around, all these low income people/families should get jobs and get there own insurance..