Monday, November 12, 2012

Still No Power - Blame Obama?

It seems like ages since superstorm Sandy hit.

It's just been two weeks, not really that long ago.

However, if you're without power or without your home, the past two weeks have probably seemed like an eternity.

From FOX News:

About 120,000 homes and businesses in New York and New Jersey are still waiting for power come back on after superstorm Sandy swept through the area two weeks ago, followed by a nor'easter.

The Long Island Power Authority in New York still has the most customers out at about 100,000 as of Monday morning. Most of the rest are in New Jersey.

The totals don't include the tens of thousands of homes that are too damaged to have electricity turned back on. And Consolidated Edison, which serves New York City, says damaged equipment affected thousands and needs to be inspected and repaired before power comes back.

The prolonged lack of electricity as well as dearth of information about when it will be restored has angered residents and government officials alike.

Hundreds of residents protested Saturday outside LIPA's office, frustrated by its slow response to the outages.

Power restoration has been slower in Long Island than in other areas hit by the storm. Some of the blacked out homes and businesses the utility serves may not have power restored until the end of Tuesday, LIPA said.

"We are sitting in a cold house. No one comes by," said John Mangin of Levittown, N.Y. "There should be criminal charges against the CEO and the executive board of LIPA for failure to do their jobs."

Mangin was among about 300 people who were staging the rally.
Why not blame Obama?

Why doesn't the buck stop with him?

With Katrina, the buck stopped with President Bush.

If anyone in the press had the audacity to hold Obama accountable for the situation, I'm sure Obama would manage to blame Bush anyway. 

The suffering is a nonstory.

Go figure.

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