Saturday, December 15, 2012

School Shooting, Hug Your Kids, Say 'I Love You'

We hear this all the time when tragedy strikes: Hug your kids. Tell your family you love them.

In effect, we're told our reaction to violence and death will likely be to say we love each other, as if we need this prompting. Such pain will serve to help us get our priorities in order, to appreciate all our blessings.

Yesterday, Obama said:

This evening, Michelle and I will do what I know every parent in America will do, which is hug our children a little tighter and we’ll tell them that we love them, and we’ll remind each other how deeply we love one another.
I can't relate.

I don't take life for granted. I'm keenly aware of how precious it is, every day. I don't need the unbearable suffering of others to wake me up.

It's sad that so many people apparently do.

Do you require a mass murder to hug your kids "a little tighter" and remind your family how deeply you love them?

I hope not.

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