Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fallone Signed Walker Recall Petition

Marquette University Law professor Ed Fallone, a Leftist, believes he belongs on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Democrats are no doubt buoyed by the revelation that Fallone signed the petition to recall Gov. Scott Walker. It certainly helps solidify Fallone's anti-Walker cred.

From Media Trackers:

Professor Fallone, considered by most to be the front runner to oppose Justice Roggensack, authored a blog post in March of 2012 defending the right of judges to sign recall petitions after a Gannett investigation exposed 29 Wisconsin judges who signed the Walker recall. Fallone’s blog post, titled “Signing a Recall Petition Does Not Require Judicial Recusal,” spelled out Fallone’s belief that “There is no explicit provision that prohibits judges from signing a recall petition or that mandates that they recuse themselves from any politically charged case if they have done so.”

Despite Fallone’s belief that recall signing judges should not recuse themselves, Mark Levin’s Landmark Legal Foundation filed a complaint with the Wisconsin Judicial Commission arguing that “This inherently political activity implies that these judges are endorsing, if not promoting, Governor Walker’s recall and calls into question the impartiality and judicial ethics of each signing circuit judge under the Code of Judicial Conduct.”
I am so tired of elections, but giving in to the fatigue is not an option.

Justice Patience Roggensack simply cannot be replaced by the liberal Fallone, political tool.

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