Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Piers Morgan: Barrett and Clarke (Video)

Tom Barrett, Milwaukee's mayor, surfaced on Tuesday. He came out of hiding to appear on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, along with Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

Of course, Barrett knew that Morgan was his ally. He had nothing to fear, kind of like Obama and Hillary Clinton sitting down with Steve Kroft. Morgan wasn't "going to play gotcha with Barrett."

Clarke, on the other hand, was in hostile territory.

Here's video:

From Mediaite:

Morgan told Clarke that by using a “Hollywood voice” a la John Wayne which took away from the real life seriousness of the situation. Clarke then responded to Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett, also on the CNN panel, who criticized Clarke for sounding “irresponsible.” Clarke pointed to a lack of resources available to him, some a result of the mayor’s policies, and how not all 911 calls are responded to in a swift manner.

Morgan directly asked Clarke how many instances there have been of people in Milwaukee defending themselves with firearms. Clarke said he does not have statistics, to which Morgan responded, “You haven’t got a clue, have you?” He berated Clarke for his irresponsible statements, citing an instance of a Milwaukee woman who fired a gun in front of a house and tried to get out of trouble by pointing to what he said.
“You want to arm everybody in Milwaukee. You do these racy Hollywood-style adverts, you want them all out there, armed and shooting… What you’re creating is a return to the Wild West in Milwaukee. So I think it’s actually relevant that you don’t have any idea how many people actually need a firearm at home to defend themselves.”
Clarke asked Morgan, “Are we going to have an honest exchange here or are you just going to talk over me?” He insisted it’s a “personal choice” whether or not someone decides to own a gun to defend themselves, to which Morgan shot back by saying it goes beyond personal choice for a sheriff of any city to advocate citizens arming themselves.
Morgan doesn't have a clue about life in Milwaukee.

Completely clueless. What does Leftist Brit Morgan know, other than what his Leftist staff tell him?

Barrett has been mayor of Milwaukee for ten years. He's been a miserable failure.

Morgan didn't question Barrett about the decay in Milwaukee on his watch, demanding accountability from him on crime, unemployment, and the failing schools. He's a horrible journalist.

I understand why his ratings are so low.

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