Saturday, March 2, 2013

Graeme Zielinski 'Apologizes'

What did the Democrats do to Graeme Zielinski to get him to tweet an apology of sorts to Gov. Scott Walker?

It must have been something very extreme.

I don't remember Zielinski ever apologizing for his many, many horrible remarks.

Obviously this time, his lack of self-control resulted in a massive mess for the Dems. They were forced into damage control. Zielinski's bad behavior had to be addressed.

First, Zielinski tweeted an apology to Jeffrey Dahmer's victims.

He poured out his heart and begged forgiveness from Dahmer's victims. Odd. I don't know why he'd apologize to the "victims of Jeffrey Dahmer." I think he meant to direct the apology to the victims' families for exploiting their loved ones' murders. You can tell Zielinski isn't very adept at apologies.

I don't know if Zielinski is capable of truly "heartfelt" expressions.

The language of the tweet is also not typical of Zielinski's Twitter style. "Their pain is not something with which I should have trifled"?

What is that? All of a sudden, he's talking like he's on Downton Abbey.

Second, hell froze over, and Zielinski tweeted an "apology" to Gov. Walker.

That was not "heartfelt." He "apologized" to Gov. Walker for "inappropriate tweeting." It appears he isn't really backing off the content of his comments. He's sorry he tweeted them inappropriately. Meaning what?

I think the backlash was so fierce that Zielinski had to say he was sorry, but it was clearly torture for him.

I can't imagine him ever saying anything remotely civil to Gov. Walker.

It doesn't seem right that everything should be hunky-dory simply because Zielinski published a few words totally inconsistent with his character and his history.

The fact is the Democrats have a deranged, hate-spewing individual as their spokesman. And apparently, that's just fine with them.


UPDATE: No one has reined in Graeme Zielinski. He's still as ugly as he wants to be.


What a classy spokesman for Wisconsin Democrats!

Mike Tate is a world class enabler.

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