Thursday, March 21, 2013

James Holmes, Aurora Shooter, Converts to Islam

Is this a sign of the insanity of mass murderer James Holmes or part of the method to his alleged madness?

From the Washington Times:

The man who shot up an Aurora, Colo., movie theater during a screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” last summer has reportedly converted to Islam and prays up to five times a day.

A prison source say the beard James Holmes sported in court last months represents his new-found faith. The source said Mr. Holmes has turned Muslim as a way of justifying his horrific crimes on July 20 which left 12 people dead and 58 people wounded, the Daily Mail reports.

“He has brainwashed himself into believing he was on his own personal jihad and that his victims were infidels,” the source told the National Enquirer.

Mr. Holmes now prays five times a day, sticks to a strict Muslim diet and spends hours each day studying the Koran, the source told the Enquirer.

But most Muslim inmates are not happy with the convict’s new religion.

“None of them condone forms of terrorism or extremism,” the source added. “And they don’t want their religion to be connected to that awful shooting.”
Holmes isn't making any friends among his fellow Muslim inmates.

What's weird is that the inmates "don't want their religion to be connected to that awful shooting." They display conscience and concern, so I wonder why they're behind bars.

Converting to Islam, real or staged, isn't going to help Holmes at all. He's a cold-blooded murderer. There's no justification.

Will Brian Ross, the ABC News reporter who erroneously labeled Holmes a Tea Party member, report on the religious conversion of Holmes?


jimspice said...

Can Muslims get into heaven by going to confession? Or does the the whole Muslim thing preclude him from having any chance whatsoever.

Mary said...

I don't think there is something equivalent to the Catholic Sacrament of Reconciliation in Islam, if that's what you mean by "confession."

I'm no expert on Islam. I don't know.

By the way, your mocking of Catholicism is very unbecoming.

jimspice said...

You don't need to be an expert on Islam to know if a Muslim "reconciles" to a Catholic priest, he is forgiven. I'd guess you'd need to be an expert on Catholicism. And you never answered my question about the Church's stance on man-made global warming.

BTW, "unbecoming" is likely an apropos term, as I'm an unbecame Catholic.

Mary said...

--I don't claim to be an expert on Catholicism, but I don't think you can receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation unless you've been baptized a Catholic.

--What question about the Church and global warming?

--I hope you're enjoying not being Catholic.

--I don't think you ever answered this question I posed to you: Do you believe in God?

jimspice said...

Do I believe in God? I'd bet that you and I would agree about 99.9% of the answer to that question. We'd both consider the names on the linked list to be fictional/mythical characters, whereas I would add the names Jehovah, Yahweh, Adonai, Elohim, Jesus, Yahshua, Christ, and Elshaddai, while you may or may not.

Mary said...


Ask a simple question, get a complicated non-answer.

You consider Jesus to be a "fictional/mythical" character.

That's not an answer.

Do you believe in God?

If you don't believe in God, then just say so.

If you want to hedge your bets, declare yourself to be agnostic.

It's not that difficult. Be clear. Answer the question.

jimspice said...

Rather than make a negative statement such as "I don't believe in God," I'd much rather be positive, with an affirming statement. So how about, "I believe there is no God."