Saturday, March 23, 2013

Milwaukee Voter Fraud

It's shocking that voter fraud in Milwaukee is actually being addressed a little bit by the DA's office.

The Democrats in power in Milwaukee, like Mayor Tom Barrett, have spent years and years denying the problem.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel takes credit for unearthing the alleged felons, but it also stresses that "cases of fraud surrounding voter registration or voting" are rare.

I think it's more accurate to say charges are rare, investigations into voter fraud are rare.

Another point from the JS: "Republican legislators and Gov. Scott Walker last year changed state law to make it harder for voter registration workers to move between communities in Wisconsin. But that same change also makes it harder for watchdogs such as the Journal Sentinel to easily gather information about who is now doing voter registration work."

Yeah, right. Blame Walker. Good grief.

Milwaukee County prosecutors should spend at least as much time digging into voter fraud in Milwaukee as they spent on their very open "secret" John Doe witch hunt.

These Democrats failed to get Scott Walker, after years of trying.

If they sincerely tried to clean up Milwaukee's elections, who knows how much fraud they would discover?

I'm sure the people they have under investigation for violations are just the tip of the iceberg of the problem in Milwaukee. These poor chumps are really unlucky.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Following Thursday's felony charges against a voter registration worker in Milwaukee, a prosecutor made clear that two more workers also are under investigation.

All three men came under scrutiny after being identified last year in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story that looked at the criminal records of the people certified to register voters in the city. In response, the Milwaukee Election Commission also is looking at the possibility of doing routine checks of its own to prevent such problems in the future.

Along with nine other people, Andrew L. Shepherd, 32, was charged with a felony by Milwaukee County prosecutors Thursday for falsely telling Milwaukee officials in 2012 that he had no felony record when applying to get hired as a special voter registration deputy. Shepherd has two felony drug convictions and a third conviction for recklessly endangering safety.

Shepherd and two other men were dropped as voter registration deputies by the Election Commission after the Journal Sentinel reported on their criminal records in an October 2012 story.

Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf didn't rule out further charges Friday.

"Other matters are under investigation at this time, including the ones you asked about," Landgraf said of the two other men.
Milwaukee is such a mess.

I have no faith in its elections. I don't trust the process.

That's not good.

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