Saturday, May 11, 2013

Greg Gutfeld, the 'Scandal Condom,' and Jay Carney (Video)

Friday on The Five, Greg Gutfeld declared that the Leftist media, Obama's "scandal condom," failed.


GREG GUTFELD: Dismissing a cover-up while having an off the record discussion or briefing about a cover-up is like denying you have a drinking problem by doing shots of tequila.

The scandal condom has burst and Carney got soaked. Twelve versions of talking points - that's not a memo, that's a Harlem Shake, more versions than you can count.

Jay Carney, actually, he used to be a reporter. The transformation from truth-seeker to a truth-hider is stunning. It makes a sex change look like a haircut.

And when you obsess over a memo that much, it's like Lady Macbeth washing her hands. It just tells you that there's something wrong and it's not going away.

You can question Gutfeld's imagery, but he's spot-on about the Obama administration and its handling of this major scandal.

"Out, damn'd spot! out, I say!"
Still there.

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