Friday, May 10, 2013

Obama Cowboy Hat

I haven't seen Obama look this uncomfortable and awkward and dopey since he broke down and wore an American flag pin on his lapel, something he insisted was totally not his style.

(Photo/Matthew C. Wright)

He hates that hat. You can tell. Cowboy Obama. He's no Sheriff David Clarke when it comes to successfully pulling off the look.

Obama's expression is priceless. I'm sure he's thinking that this image is going to be on Drudge, and he dreads it. He knows photos of him looking silly in the cowboy hat will be all over the Internet.

It's interesting. For someone supposedly so cool Obama looks embarrassed frequentlty. If one is truly cool, one doesn't care about what anyone thinks. He's very self-conscious, not a trait of a cool person. Obama does not look at all comfortable in his own skin.

Maybe that's why Obama prefers to campaign rather than be a leader, pretending as if he's not president to avoid accountability.

I suppose the cowboy hat is Bush's fault.

Obama needs to be able to laugh at himself, and his followers need to be able to laugh at him, too.

A strong individual doesn't need the sort of protective bubble that surrounds Obama.

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