Friday, May 10, 2013

Pat Smith, Mother of Benghazi Victim: 'Government Doesn't Care'

Pat Smith, mother of Benghazi 9/11/12 terrorist attack victim Sean Smith, reacted to the congressional hearing held on Wednesday.

From Mediaite:

When asked if she got the answers she was looking for out of Wednesday’s congressional hearings, Smith curtly replied “no.”

“I got a lot of answers, but not the ones that I really wanted,” Smith replied. “I want to know why there was no security there and the security that was there got pulled, and who is the one who told the military to stand down, basically.”
Here's video:

PAT SMITH: Our government does not care about us. They don't care about us at all. They just care about saving their own butts and covering their souls, or whatever it is.

JAKE TAPPER: [Pause] I wish you had gotten answers.

SMITH: Oh, so do I. I begged for answers. When I was there at the casket ceremony, Obama and Hillary and Biden and Panetta and several more said that they would check into it and let me know. Not one of them has called me. None. They don't care. I'm not important to them. There's other people that are important to them - themselves, pretty much.

TAPPER: Well, you're important to us here, and you're important to a lot of people out there.

SMITH: That's why I'm here.

TAPPER: We thank you for coming and we hope you get those answers.
Obama doesn't call Pat Smith, but he calls Sandra Fluke. He calls Jason Collins. He cares about them, but he doesn't care about the mother of a U.S. Foreign Service Information Officer killed in an attack on our consulate. What is wrong the guy?

Obama is a disgrace. He's a terrible president.

Hillary Clinton is a disgrace. She was a terrible secretary of state. She'd be a terrible president.

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