Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wisconsin - 17th Best State for Business

People are getting Scott Walker's message that Wisconsin is open for business.

From Stephan Thompson, Campaign Manager, Friends of Scott Walker:

Today, Chief Executive Magazine released its latest rankings for the best and worst states to do business in 2013, and Wisconsin has climbed to number 17 on the list, jumping 24 spots in just 3 years. Governor Walker is turning things around and moving our state forward!

According to Chief Executive Magazine’s analysis of Wisconsin’s standing, “Gov. Walker’s reelection was the positive signal business leaders were seeking.”

Wisconsin is moving in the right direction under Governor Walker, and he’s improving the economic environment in our state with his proposed budget. He wants to continue the freeze on property taxes while giving hardworking taxpayers an income tax cut so they can keep more of their own money.
Here's the list.

Notice that the worst states for business are California, New York, and Illinois - Lefty, tax hell.

The leadership of Scott Walker and the support he has received from Wisconsinites is giving people confidence that our state is a desirable place to do business. We're moving in the right direction.

In the last three years, Wisconsin's ranking is up 24 spots! That's very impressive.

Very good news.

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