Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Leno: Talib Kweli with Nelly, Abby Dobson - Trayvon Martin Tribute (Video)

Jay Leno's Tonight Show on Tuesday ended with a Trayvon Martin tribute.

The musical performance by Talib Kweli featuring Nelly and Abby Dobson of "Before He Walked" was a hoodie fest.

Here's video:

The song ended with raised fists and a dedication to Trayvon.

When Leno came over, he could be heard saying what a great tribute it was to Trayvon Martin.

I really wasn't paying attention. I didn't look up at the TV until I heard "Trayvon."

Not speaking about this performance specifically, but in general, I don't like this time travel experience. It's so bizarre. We are not living in the America of the 1960s and prior in terms of race relations.

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