Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Obama Peek-a-boo

I'm sure Team Obama is expecting Obama's approval rating to go up thanks to this photo:

"Oh, look! Isn't Obama a nice guy? The president is playing with a toddler that wandered into the White House. He's the best president ever!!!"

Actually, Obama might be hiding his face out of guilt and shame, knowing that he's responsible for destroying the little guy's future.

I wish Obama was capable of feeling guilt and shame for what he's done. He's proud of the direction he's led the country.

Very sad.


jimspice said...

That's a 4-year-old picture. And a good one.

Mary said...

Why drag out a 4-year-old pic and not caption it as old, old news?

That's really strange.

It's probably Obama trying to hide from all those "phony scandals" dogging him.