Monday, July 29, 2013

Time Warner Cable TMJ4 Rebate

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Time Warner Cable is rejecting rebates for customers unhappy with the removal of TMJ4 from its programming.

Time Warner Cable offered a boilerplate response to a request by state Senate President Mike Ellis (R-Neenah) that it give rebates to customers affected by the blackout of Journal Broadcast Group stations in the state.

"It is clear your customers are no longer receiving the service they are paying for," Ellis wrote.

When asked for a response, Time Warner released a statement that said:

Stations "are sold as a package of channels. We change our programming packages from time to time, including by adding new networks to the lineup. It is not our practice to issue credits for individual networks that are offered in a package.

"We regret that Journal's unreasonable demands have forced us to remove" them the lineup, and "are doing everything we can to hold the line on outrageous demands, especially for programming that is available free over the air."

Don't let this statement discourage you from calling TWC and asking for a refund if you're a Time Warner Cable subscriber.

I did last week and got $10 off my bill.

It was quick and easy. I didn't have to argue or be transferred to a supervisor. I simply expressed my dissatisfaction with the service, asked for a refund, and the guy gave me a credit.

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