Monday, August 19, 2013

Graeme Zielinski: .239 Blood Alcohol Level

More details on Graeme Zielinski's THIRD drunk driving arrest:

Graeme Zielinski was really drunk at the time of his most recent arrest for driving while intoxicated.

His blood alcohol level was at nearly THREE times the legal limit.

From 620 WTMJ:

The Wisconsin State Patrol says that former state Democratic Party spokesman Graeme Zielinski's blood alcohol concentration was .239 when he was arrested.

Court records show he was arrested for drunk driving in Lake Mills on the late afternoon of June 2nd.

The State Patrol's report said that he had "admitted to drinking five beers before leaving Madison."

He also failed numerous parts of the drunk driving test administered outside his car.
Where's his mug shot? It's not posted onine by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Why not?

Zielinski is a DEMOCRAT.


Right Wisconsin has the police report.

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