Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Josh Duhamel's Baby and Aaron Rodgers (Video)

Josh Duhamel was a guest on Tuesday's Tonight Show. Any day now, he's going to be a dad. He and wife Fergie are having a son.

Talking about weird names that celebrities give their babies, Duhamel said he asked his Facebook followers to give him the worst possible names.

The winner: Aaron Rodgers Duhamel.

Apparently, Duhamel, a native of North Dakota, is a big Vikings fan.

JOSH DUHAMEL: The one that actually won, being a big Vikings fan, somebody suggested Aaron Rodgers Duhamel. And that actually ended up winning the grand prize. So, if we have any Packer fans out there, I apologize, but my kid will never be named Aaron Rodgers.
No apology is necessary.

Here's video:

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