Thursday, August 22, 2013

Obama's New Dog, Sunny

When the Obamas chose a new pet dog, Sunny, they went the elite route. No visit to the Humane Society, no rescue dog for them.

From Breitbart:

When it came time to pick a little puppy pal for White House dog, Bo, the Obama family seems to have made the politically incorrect choice of purchasing a pure-bred instead of adopting a rescue dog from one of the many shelters that become the last stop for millions of dogs before they are euthanized.

Wayne Pacelle, president of The Humane Society of the United States, took to his blog Tuesday to point out that the Obama's have not been very forthcoming about new pup Sunny's origins other than to note that the pup came from Michigan. Considering it is pretty rare to find a pure-bred like Sunny in an animal shelter, it's a good bet that the pup is not a rescue dog.

Pacelle writes:
"As we always say in such circumstances, we hope the Obamas considered adoption or rescue as the first choice in obtaining a pet."
In a weird example of paying for an indulgence for making the politically incorrect choice, Pacelle reveals that the Obama's made a donation to the Humane Society "in Sunny's name."
"We are pleased to learn that the First Family made a donation in Sunny’s name to the Washington Humane Society, which shows the family’s awareness of and concern for the problem of homeless dogs and cats in our nation."
Oh, how lame!

A donation to the Washington Humane Society "in Sunny's name" is a ridiculous CYA tactic.

Of course, the new puppy is a way to distract Obama's followers, keeping them focused on Obama the celebrity rather than Obama the failed president. The Leftist media are on the verge of treating the new arrival at the White House as if it were the royal baby.

Let's talk about a puppy pal for Bo instead of Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood and Obama's disastrous foreign policy or non-policy.

The fact is Obama wants his minions to fawn over a puppy and forget about what a screw-up he is as president and the mess he's made of the country.

Don't worry about Obama shredding the Constitution and abusing his power and unilaterally deciding on a whim to disregard the LAW. Look at the puppy!

In addition, Obama missed an opportunity by choosing a pure-bred rather than a adopting a pup from a shelter. Throwing some money at the Humane Society doesn't cut it. A donation is simple. It's not a long-term commitment to an animal, giving it a home and loving it for its lifetime. He could have used his status to bring attention to animal shelters and the plight of homeless animals. He didn't.

Now, the Obamas can choose any pet they wish. If they want a pure-bred, they have every right to get a dog of the rich, an animal in no danger of being placed in a shelter and euthanized.

Let's just not pretend that the Obamas can prove their concern for homeless animals with a donation.

They're out of touch.

Obama doesn't walk the walk.

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