Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Obama's Red Line

It looks like Obama, Nobel Peace Prize laureate for doing nothing, may have to get his hands dirty.

He may have to act like the president rather than a presidential candidate.

It looks like Obama may have to do something that is very unpopular-- attack Syria.

Obama brought this on himself. He drew the "red line." Now, the country and the world are waiting for his response.

Obama's "red line," drawn over one year ago, was crossed months ago. Assad's use of chemical weapons of mass destruction was reported in April 2013.

Obama the Appeaser, Obama the Spineless, has been dragging his feet, apparently wanting to lead from behind.

He's a bad leader.

I'm sure he'd prefer to call Sandra Fluke than deal with this stuff.


From April 25, 2013:

Obama Is Looking for Reasons to Delay Response to Syria's Chemical Weapons Use


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