Monday, September 30, 2013

Creepy Obama Email

Mark Finkelstein, NewsBusters, points out the creepy tactics of Obama's campaign machine.

As a blogger, I subscribe to the email lists of some organizations whose goals I do not, shall we say, necessarily embrace. Among them is Organizing For Action, the successor to the 2012 Obama campaign. As you can imagine, although I read OFA's messages with interest, I don't succumb to its frequent appeals for funds.

You might think OFA might let me loaf along in peace, but no. Just now arrived an email I'd call kind of creepy. Start with the subject line [emphasis added throughout]: "Mark: Not an OFA donor". Whoah: so this is more than just a generic pitch to all freeloaders: they're calling me out by name! The body of the message informs me that "according to the records associated with this exact email address," I haven't donated. "Exact email address"? Yikes! They've got me nailed dead to rights!
This is nothing new.

The Obama machine sends these messages periodically.

Here's one from Sunday, September 29:

Subject line: Mary, you should own a piece of this

Mary --

Is everything cool?

You're a critical part of the work OFA does, but you have yet to take the next step to own a piece of this organization.

According to the records associated with this exact email address, here's your supporter record:

-- Organizing for Action member: Pending
-- Suggested donation: $5

We've got a big deadline coming up tomorrow at midnight -- donate $5 or more today:


Organizing for Action

P.S. -- Any donation you make today gets you added to the official OFA Donor Wall -- our way of recognizing the people who are stepping up at this critical time. Go for it.

If you've made a donation in the last 24 hours that isn't reflected above, don't worry -- it may still be processing. Thanks for your support.
There's a threatening aspect to this fundraising appeal.

"We're monitoring you. Give us some money. NOW!"

"Is everything cool?"

No, everything with Obama and his hacks is so not cool.

Here's a really lame email, sent Friday, from the big man himself:

Subject line: I want to make sure this message gets through

Mary --

Right now, the hard work we've put in to get our economy back on track is at risk. And there's only one reason for it: A group of far-right Republicans in Congress is obsessed with making an ideological point.

They refuse to pass a budget unless I let them sabotage Obamacare, something they know is not going to happen. Now, we're left with only four days before a government shutdown.

This is reckless and irresponsible. Republicans are not focused on what's best for you. They're playing political games.

I called House Speaker John Boehner the other night to tell him that Americans like you have worked too long and too hard to dig our nation out of the financial crisis, and the last thing we need is for Washington to manufacture another.

I want to make sure that message gets through. Add your voice -- remind Speaker Boehner that Congress has a job to do.

Passing a budget is the most basic duty the Constitution gives to Congress.

Congress needs to hear from the people who sent them to Washington.

As we get closer to the September 30th deadline, that might mean picking up the phone, getting the facts out to friends on social media, or showing up at your local congressional office. OFA will be asking a lot of you, and I hope you'll get involved.

Start today by telling Speaker Boehner that Congress must come together to pass a budget:

Thank you,

"Barack" - what a joke!

I wish he'd act like the president.