Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Grafton Target, Theft, and Duct Tape

Note to stupid thieves: Don't put duct tape over the license plate of your getaway car to hide your identity after a theft and then pause to remove the tape before leaving the scene of the crime.

From FOX6 News:

According to authorities, Grafton police responded to the [Grafton] Target store at approximately 3:44 p.m. for a theft in progress. Information from Loss Prevention indicated that he suspects were repeat offenders.

Upon arrival, officers observed one of the suspects place tape over the license plate of their vehicle, which was parked in the Target parking lot.

...It is estimated that approximately $900 in merchandise was taken on September 22nd alone. Police say Heroin and other drug paraphernalia was located within the vehicle.

A followup investigation reveals that the suspects were involved in thefts from that same Target store on August 31st, September 18th and September 22nd. Police say the suspects are suspected in more thefts from Target stores regionally.
From TMJ4:
Thieves who have targeted Target stores in southeast Wisconsin make the book of dumb criminals. Police say thanks to their decision to make a slow getaway after their latest strike in Grafton, they were able to catch them - and it was all caught on video.

...The group is suspected of stealing about $4,000 in merchandise from the Grafton store on four separate trips, and also could be connected to thefts at Target stores in Menomonee Falls, West Allis, and Milwaukee.
Watch video.

Look at the thieves, two men and two women:

These four deserve a few minutes of fame, for their remarkable stupidity.