Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Michelle Obama, Eva Longoria: Watertown High School on Thursday

First lady Michelle Obama and actress Eva Longoria will be in Wisconsin on Thursday at Watertown High School.



What a waste!

Taxpayers have to pick up the cost of security just so Michelle can tell us to DRINK WATER.


From AP, via WMTV:

Michelle Obama and actress Eva Longoria are coming to Watertown High School on Thursday for an event to promote the drinking of water over sugary soft drinks.

The White House announced the event on Monday. It is not open to the general public.

Watertown Mayor John David says he thinks the 24,000-population city, located roughly in between Madison and Milwaukee, was selected because it has the word "water" in its name. And, David says, "We've actually got tremendous drinking water."

...The White House says the new effort will bring together leaders from industry, entertainment, media and government to promote the health benefits of drinking water.
This is really crazy.

I am so sick of Michelle's lame lectures.

From FOX6:

Let’s Move!, the First Lady’s initiative to ensure all our children grow up healthy, works to provide American families with simple, actionable information to make healthy choices.

...According to the CDC, more than 40% of Americans drink less half of the recommend amount of water daily, including 7% who don’t drink any water. This new effort will remind people that more water helps you have more energy and stamina so you can do more, longer and with better focus.

...The event begins at 2:30 p.m.
If Michelle wants to tell people to drink water, why not just tweet "Drink water"?

Going to Watertown High School with Eva Longoria to spread the word about water is really bizarre.

Does Michelle know about the epidemic of co-sleeping deaths in Milwaukee?

Another infant is dead in a co-sleeping incident.

The Medical Examiner’s report indicates the infant was found on a queen-size bed. On the bed were two comforters, a fitted sheet and four pillows.

The Medical Examiner’s report says the residence was filthy and unkempt. However, the family denies neglect is to blame in this case.

...The District Attorney’s Office says no charges have been referred, and they’re not sure if anyone will be, as the investigation is ongoing.

Currently, unsafe sleeping accounts for 15-20 percent of infant deaths in Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee County Health Department says it is important babies sleep alone on their backs in a crib without any pillows, blankets or toys.
Michelle likes to tell parents how to care for their children. She likes to tell adults what to eat and drink.

Perhaps she could tell Milwaukee parents to provide a safe place for their infants to sleep. She could raise awareness about the dangers of irresponsible parenting when it comes to sleeping with babies. She should throw her weight around on that issue.

But no, instead we'll get an event about the importance of DRINKING WATER, in Watertown.


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