Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Navy Yard Attack, Obama's Attack on Republicans

Shortly after Aaron Alexis committed mass murder at the Washington Navy Yard, Obama chose to carry out an attack of his own.

Rather than postpone his bitter partisan rant, just hours after the bloodshed, Obama decided to make a few perfunctory remarks about the killings before he tore into the Republicans.

Completely classless.

From FOX News:

President Obama planned to give an economic pep talk Monday to mark the five-year anniversary of the financial crisis.

But as reports emerged of the deadly shooting nearby at the Washington Navy Yard, the president found himself juggling two sharply different topics -- addressing the tragic mass shooting, before launching into a blistering assault on congressional Republicans for their budgetary demands.

"I cannot remember a time when one faction of one party promises economic chaos if it can't get 100 percent of what it wants. That's never happened before. But that's what's happening right now," Obama said.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was later peppered with questions on the tone of the president's remarks. While Obama opened his address by calling the victims of the mass shooting "patriots" and vowing to get to the bottom of what happened, he quickly pivoted to his remarks about congressional Republicans.

Carney defended the president's remarks, saying that with Washington facing some looming deadlines, "Congress needs to act."

Carney defends Obama's inappropriate remarks by insisting "Congress needs to act"? Really?

When is Obama going to act like the president of the United States and display some respect and dignity, instead of acting like a cold, ruthless, political warrior at a time of great sorrow?

Obama is a disgrace.

Here's video of Obama's brief acknowledgement of the shootings before launching into his disgusting tirade: