Monday, September 9, 2013

Obama Golfs Before His Syria Attack Media Campaign

On Obama's Saturday, September 7, to-do list:

1. Play golf.

2. Make some calls to convince lawmakers to vote to attack Syria.

3. Learn Syria talking points for slew of interviews to be taped on Monday.
Obama actually played golf on Saturday after returning from his disastrous stint at the G-20 summit.

Obama took time on Saturday to play GOLF!!!

Optics be damned!

The audacity! Obama is stunningly arrogant. It's scary.

He's been in office for five years and he still doesn't know how to be president.

From the Washington Times:

Between phone calls urging lawmakers to authorize a military attack against Syria, President Obama went golfing Saturday.

Mr. Obama played a round of golf with three White House aides at Andrews Air Force Base in suburban Maryland. As his motorcade left the White House grounds near the South Lawn en route to the golf course shortly before 1 p.m., anti-war protesters demonstrated outside the fence on the north side of the White House.

...The president returned to Washington around 10 p.m. Friday from the G-20 summit in Russia, where he had little success in persuading foreign leaders to support his proposed military action against Syria.

In Congress, only about two dozen House members are on record so far supporting the president’s proposal for a “limited” strike. In an effort to build public support for military action, Mr. Obama will make a televised address to the public Tuesday night from the White House.

A White House official also said Mr. Obama will tape interviews on Monday afternoon with three network news anchors, as well as with PBS, CNN and FOX.
Obama wasn't about to let a crisis like Syria get in the way of his golf game.

He'll do the interviews, taking over the airwaves, and then address the nation on Tuesday. Done.

Obama is probably planning his golf outing for next Saturday.

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